7 Kettlebell Workouts For Female Beginners {Easy & Fun To Do}

what is kettlebell workouts for female beginners

In today’s competitive fitness world, kettlebell workout for female is gaining momentum and becoming the ladies favorite piece of workout equipment. More ladies have so far discovered the benefits of using this functional bell-shaped piece of iron-ball to sculpt their muscles and burn fat.

Kettlebell workouts are a very effective way to add varieties to your daily exercise routine. There are lots of reasons why women now prefer to use the kettlebell over the much favored (by men) dumbbells because kettlebell is the perfect tool to lift the buttock, strengthen the core, eliminate fatty waistline and helps build the entire upper body.

If you are new to strength training this kb workout guide offers you endless ways to use the equipment and a new way to work your muscles and burn out your entire body fat just by using some techniques in this guide.

Is Kettlebell Workouts Good for Weight Loss

A good reason why some women enroll in a fitness class is to lose some pounds off their body ie apart from wanting to be physically fit. This is why during workout sessions questions like “is kettlebell workout good for weight loss” or “can i use kettlebells workout for fat loss” or “do kettlebell workout work” etc. never ceased to come up during any KB training.

These are genuine questions from concern females who want to eliminate fats that have accumulated within their body for some period – and getting solutions to burn this fat is all that matters to their fitness routine.

And to as many, as wanted to know if KB workout is good for weight loss, the answer is quite simple…

Yes, kettlebell workouts are good for weight loss!

Here are some reasons to back up this claim.

  • The kettlebell workout requires more energy compared to using the dumbbells and therefore it tends to burn more calories in a shorter period because you are exerting more muscles to lift and swing the tool during your workouts
  • According to experts, kettlebell exercises can tone up to hundreds of muscles at a time which can raise your metabolic system – this in turns leads to you burning more calories during the day and when you are sleeping.
  • One of the reasons why kettlebell is good to burn fat is that the kettlebell workout program is fitted in a flowing based routine meaning that you do one kettlebell exercise and move to the next without actually dropping the tool on the ground.
benefits of kettlebell workouts
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Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts

Gone are the days when the kettlebell training was only said to be the man’s sport. Back then, kettlebells were specially meant to show the dominance of strength power among the men by performing kettlebell lifts that others couldn’t.

Although, there is general misinformation about kettlebell training for women – Many believes that women who lift heavy weights will bulk up and look more masculine. However, what many don’t know is that the women don’t have the same testosterone level like the men or enough testosterone like the men and therefore they can’t have their bodies turned out like that of the men.

In today’s bodybuilding world, the female folks are as much using the kettlebell just like the men because of its many benefits like helping to build a better-curved body and also burn fat.

Here are some reasons the kettlebell workout is beneficial to women

Reduced Body Fat

One trouble spot for most women is the inches around the waistline which is why their main goal is to lose general body fat and most especially along the waistline. Kettlebell is a high-intensity exercise that will literarily burn fat when done correctly. Many women have failed miserable using the different weight loss program out there, however, the kettlebell workout is one that is fun to do and quite exciting compared to the ordinary workout routines.

By using the kettlebell as your workout tool daily, your metabolism will shoot up and in turn will result in a decrease in your body fat percentage. If you are vast with the kettlebell routines, such as the kettlebell swing, you can reduce your body fat in no time if you are consistent and you doing it correctly.

Strength And Feminine

Women generally don’t like to look masculine and so many don’t like so much of doing strength programs. The kb workout for female is not designed to bulk up the body; instead, it’s made to build inner strength by increasing the amount of lean muscle tissue.

The kettlebells are effective because they touched on all major muscle groups in the body and therefore a great way to increase strength and build stamina. The kettlebell swing combined with the front squat are some workout routines you should perform to see great results with your training.

Other benefit includes:

Time Saver for Busy Mom’s

Using the kettlebell is no joke. As said earlier, the kettlebell target lots of muscle group in your body which saves you much time on working on individual muscle. This makes it more efficient and time-saving when trying to work on your daily routines.

Best KB Workout For Women

Here are some kettlebell workouts for female that will get the best result to sculpt the body, increase strength and build stamina and flexibility. These workouts can be performed accordingly

1 Kettlebell Single Arm Deadlift

This workout is primarily targeted at the glutes, the hamstrings, the quads, hips, core, and back.


This is one workout that is very important for women and is highly advisable to perform regularly to see results in these targeted areas. The single-arm deadlift works from the back of the body right to the buttock area. So if you are looking to achieve a strong lifted and good looking backside this should be your top workout.

More so, this exercise is good to burn lots of calories and raises your heart rate

2 Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlift

This exercise targets the buttocks, hamstrings, core and hips.


The core muscle is the connector of the legs, the hips, shoulder and also the arms. Mastering the single-leg deadlift will protect your spine from future injury and will give you a beautiful looking torso. Also, it’s one exercise that is good for conditioning the hips, your buttocks and also your hamstrings.

3. Kettlebell Swing

This exercise targets the hamstring, glutes, quads, core and the back.


This is the most fun workout when using the kettlebell. Kettlebell swings can hit up to 600 muscles in the body and is all in one number one fat-burning cardio and strength exercise.

4 Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

The Turkish get-up target the glutes, quads, core the hips and the triceps.


This workout is important because it not only helps to improve your joint mobility but also works deep into your core muscles. This exercise is ideal when you feel some tightness or stiffness anywhere in your body.

This exercise is fun to do because the movement involves is easy and can be enjoyed from the start to finish

5 Kettlebell Row

The kettlebell row affects the glute, the hips, the shoulder, quad, biceps, and the back.


This exercise is important to work on the back as well as the rear of the shoulders. When performing the kettlebell row in a standing position, it greatly works on the legs and the core muscle.

With this exercise, the appearance of your chest will be visibly noticed as it pulls your shoulders back. If you are used to sitting in a particular position especially during working hours, this exercise is all that you need to help you straighten up.

6 Kettlebell Thruster

The thruster works on your hips, quads, core, triceps, buttocks, and hamstring.


This exercise can be performed either using one hand and change to the other after completing certain repetition or you can decide to use both hand to perform this workout.

To get the best out of this exercise, you need to squat deep; this involves going down deep with your thighs and glutes going down to the floor level. This gives the glute an added bonus.

7 Kettlebell Side Lunge

This workout targets the core, hamstring, buttocks, hips, and quads.


The kettlebell side lunge will help you get a lifted backside and also condition your legs and hips to get stronger and firmer. To get the best of this exercise, you need to perform a deep side lunge.

How to do a kettlebell swing workout

The kettlebell swing workout is unarguably one of the most popular exercises done with the kettlebell. This exercise helps your back muscles especially your hamstring and glute muscles to get stronger and conditioned.

The starting position of doing the kettlebell swing workout correctly is to keep the kettlebell on the floor in between your legs. That is, your feet are slightly wider than your shoulders-width.

Bend slightly at the knee but hinging completely at the hips, hold onto the kettlebell and pull it back between your legs and use the momentum to stand and swing the kettlebell out in front of your body up to shoulder height.

While you do this make sure you drive your hips forward and straighten your back when you send the kettlebell up to shoulder height.

When the kettlebell gets to shoulder height, make sure to straighten your knees back to position and tighten your glutes and allow the kettlebell to swing down your (between) leg to make for one rep. Then you need to repeat the move as many reps as you can comfortably perform.

The most common mistake about how to do the kettlebell swing is to use much of your upper body to get the weight moving. At times, some people use excessive knee bend and no hip drive.

When there is too much involvement of your upper body, it inhibits what you can lift and how many repetitions of the set you can do and can make you develop back problem. The best way to get most out of this swing is to use the power from the posterior chain which includes the glutes and hamstrings.

Russian KB Swing vs American KB Swing

Both the American and the Russian KB swing are identical the only difference is the range of movement with the American version.

The Russian kettlebell swing is pretty much what everybody does – swinging the weight from between the legs to the chin level using the hips as a hinge to move the weight.

However, the American kettlebell swing goes higher than the chin level and goes up overhead. Both versions still make the use of the hips for the movement so as to ensure the back is not involved in the swing. Also, the American KB swing requires more shoulder movement to get the kettlebell overhead.

How Many Kettlebell Workouts Per Week

Have you thought of how many KB workouts per week is adequate to bring out the best curve in your body?  While some women can do a long hour of KB workout some others might not have such energy to stay that long. Everyone is different and recovery from workout depends on the makeup of the body.

The goal and the intensity of your workout will determine the amount of week the kettlebell workout should be performed.

It’s your body that will determine if to add more rep to your KB workout or reduce the numbers of reps per Kettlebell per week.

Here are other important considerations that determine how many KB workouts per week you can perform:


This is one of the most important determinants of the amount of KB workout per week. Well-Balanced nutrition and how well your body will take in the food will determine how quickly and fast your body will recover from the previous workout.


If you are having trouble sleeping during your night time, you might not be able to perform at your peak. You need to have a sleep of 7-9 hours every night so your body can quickly recover from previous workouts.


Age is also a big factor that determines how many kettlebell workouts per week to perform. As we age so also our metabolism slows down and our healing rate from injury is affected. If the muscle can heal faster, this will determine the KB sessions per week to perform.


If your body is induced with stress-related problems – psychological, physical it will affect the body and this, in turn, will also affect your workout sessions. If you are constantly under stress, your body’s ability to quickly recover from workouts will be affected and so also is the KB workouts per week.


Your genes can also determine how your workout per week. While some people can stay in the gym and do so many reps of workout, others are not so blessed with such genes.

There you have it! your best kettlebell workouts for female beginners. Remember, the most suitable way to get the best result from your daily workout training is to train daily, eat the right nutrition and rest.

These three keys are the cardinals to having the best-curved body with your strength training.