Cardio For Skinny Guys – Simple Skinny To Fit Workouts (2019 UPDATED)

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Are you looking for a simple skinny to fit workout routine?

If you are skinny and you want some motivational workout plan, here is our cardio for skinny guys workout routine. These skinny to fit workout plans can get any would-be big guy to go from 20lb to 40lb in less than 30 days if done correctly.

If you have been in the gym for a while and you are still struggling to put on muscle, chances are – you are neglecting the basic nutritional requirements that can help you bulk up or you are not doing the right workout or you are not doing both correctly.

To many people, nutrition is a very difficult and worrisome topic to engage in and therefore people tend to shy away or avoid it completely. The truth is, ignoring the right skinny to muscular diet is not an option but knowing how it works will come handy for your fitness and strength gain.

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What Do I Need To Start Bulking Up With?

The basic starting point for every man and woman who is looking to get bigger is 20 calorie per pound of bodyweight. For instance, a male of about 1500 pound would need about 300 calorie/daily, therefore, to get bigger he needs to eat like 6-8 meals per day. Eating smaller and frequent meals will help the nutrients in your meal be used properly.

Every meal you consume should be rich in protein. If you want to go from skinny to fit, its recommended that you consume about 2-2.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight from sources like eggs, beef, chicken fish, and quality protein powders.

To get started with growing big and strong here are 3 foods to help you build muscle and bulk up:

Whey Protein

There is a reason why fitness buffs crave for whey protein – They are the most convenient and fast-absorbing source of protein and it comes at affordable price. Bodybuilders use them for pre and post-workout sessions and also sometimes mix it in their meals. And for those skinny guys looking to pack on some muscles a scoop in the shaker right after a workout can be very effective to gain muscle mass.

However, getting high-quality protein from whole food is still the best option while using whey protein as a booster.

Healthy Fats

Many people including bodybuilders still believe that consuming fat is bad. However, good fat is important for struggling men and women who are looking to get bigger. In fact, fat plays an essential role in hormone production which facilitates muscle growth and strength gains. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are those considered good fats and are mostly found in fishes, leafy veggies, avocados oils, and seeds.

Lean Beef

This should be a regular diet if you want to go from skinny to muscular. Lean beef is loaded with proteins that are essential for muscle growth and development, including iron, zinc, and B-vitamin. More importantly, it gives your body a high level of amino acids that work with insulin for body transformation.

Cardio For Skinny Guys – The Skinny To Fit Workout Plan

Don’t be surprised that almost all the guys you thought might be very intimidating are likely going to respect your skinny to fit workout plan since they are more likely to understand where you are coming from, in fact, some of them might also have had a similar case like what you are fearing.

All that matters is to be accountable for yourself and confront your fears. if for any reason you don’t like to work out at home, then the gym should be your best place to get started, you are probably likely to get out of your fear faster by just that one move of joining a membership gym.

And now that you have joined a gym near you, the next important step is to start researching on what cardio programs to get a better skinny to muscular transformation.

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Concentrate on one major muscle group –

There are some important muscle groups in the body, such as the chest, your back, the shoulder, your thighs, your arms, triceps, and biceps. Concentrating on one of these muscle group at a time will quickly help you start growing big and strong.

Bench Press

Using the bench press to work on the chest gives quick gain to the chest region. You could use dumbbells, but since you are just starting out, you might likely not understand different dumbbells operations and how it works. But you can use a bar. Do a bent-over row to your back and a barbell to your legs.

Dead Lift

If perhaps you got some knee problem, you can attempt deadlifts instead of squat. You can also do an overhead press coupled with some barbell curls and some line triceps extension, that should keep you going.

The 2 beautiful things about these exercises is that

1. They are compound exercises

2. They generally work on different joints.

These are the exercises that will get you off if you really want to get from skinny to buff quickly. this skinny workout plan allows you to become more powerful and allows different muscles groups to work in unison.

For instance, to work on your arm, a barbell curl is obviously likely to be the most peculiar exercise your find suitable to perform. No other exercise can be more suited with a barbell for a beginner.

The difference with these start off workout compared to some you will read out there is, while we concentrate on making the skinny guy become muscular with gym equipment like using the barbells, others are likely to get you started off with doing complete body workouts since that is the best method to get a hard gainer to build muscles What I would rather you do is really conserve your energy towards these workout patterns on specific days.

One thing I discovered about these skinny to fit workouts is that as soon as you understand how it works, the pleasure of doing it then comes in. You might discover also that you can now easily add more weights to the bar, but caution here: if you add more weight to the bar, you need to make sure you can still control your movement exactly like when you haven’t added the weight.

With these exercises, you will notice that you are gradually building more fats in your body. This could happen very fast for many men since you are likely to build up that neural strength much faster. For others, it might take just a small amount of time, but since you continue to include that burden into the bar and you continue to learn the control of this motion, you are likely to find things changing,

So perhaps you include a lat pulldown, or even a pull-up if you are training in your home on your back. Perhaps you put in a barbell, a good, solitary, unilateral exercise to your legs. A more athletic exercise — you may add it into a squat, or your deadlift.

4 Cardio moves for skinny guys To Go From Skinny To Fit with Hex Dumbbell

Improve your triceps with Dumbbell press-up

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If you want to improve your upper body with press-up using a pair of hex dumbbells will surely get the job done nicely.

Firstly, you need to place a pair of hex dumbbell on the floor about shoulder-width apart

Secondly, lower yourself toward the dumbbell as you assume a press-up position – make sure your body goes down until about touching the floor

Thirdly, pause for 5 seconds and push yourself back up.

Repeat this 10-20 times a day and you can increase as you get comfortable with this exercise.

Press-up-position with dumbbell row

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Here is another press-up exercise to help build your upper body

Again still holding unto the hex dumbbell on the floor and still in a press-up position, raise the right dumbbell to the right of your chest. pause for 3 seconds and lower it. Do same with your left dumbbell and you can do 10-20 reps and can also increase the reps as you get comfortable with doing the exercise.

Kneeling dumbbell curl for bicep

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This time you have to go on your knees

Kneel on the floor with the dumbbell on both hands. Keep your torso straight and turn your arms so your palms can face forward. while not moving your upper arms, bend your elbows and curl the dumbbell as close to your chest. pause the movement for 2 seconds when it nearly reaches your chest, then lowers them.

In conclusion, cardio for skinny guys is an ideal routine if you really want to go from skinny to fit and must be a goal that needs to be practically pursuit if you want to see results with your cardio workout routine. If you allow what people think of your present skinny look to stop you from getting bigger, you definitely will struggle with achieving your dream. Going from skinny to muscular is real and should be fun to do!


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