Best Booty Building Workouts | Get Smaller Waist And Bigger Bum [UPDATED 2019]

booty building workout

Booty building workouts is the best exercise for a smaller waist and an attractive bigger bum. Period!

If you are looking for better and more convenient ways to build your glute, this article will be your best guide. I need to state that some strong booty isn’t just good to look at, but they actually help prevent you from accidents and increase your performance.

So the question is, how do you get a smaller waist and bigger bum without necessarily spending fortunes on workout equipment?

In this guide, we’ll discuss 7 booty building workouts on a 4 weeks challenge to having a smaller waist and a bigger bum. These are the highly successful booty exercises that work for your glute muscles greatly and helps to lift them up.

After this 4 weeks, butt workout challenge won’t just shapen your buttocks but also help tone your lower body. You must do only one thing, Be consistent on your fitness program!

So, Are you prepared to take this bigger bum workouts challenge?

booty building workout
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Booty Building Workouts At Home

smaller waist and bigger bum

Booty workout is about the curves you use to boost glute muscles. When you work on your glute muscles from several angles, you are not just working on buttocks muscles but also on the element that connects into the pelvis bones (Component that offers help to the upper and lower body), and hamstring.

Here are some small waist big bum workout you can do at home which can strengthen and shapen your buttocks! These exercises have been targeted specifically at triggering your glute muscle group to create that fuller and rounder booty.

Here we go…

Bigger Bum Smaller Waist Workouts

  1. Single-Leg Deadlift
  2. Jump Lunges
  3. Side Lunges
  4. Standing Bicycle Crunch
  5. Downward Dog Split
  6. Lunge Kickback
  7. Glute Bridge

Bigger Bum Workout Results?

These 7 exercises work well on three Major muscles groups of the buttocks-

  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Medius
  • Minimus

These workouts using their own weight would be my favorites to tone and define your butt. I really do them at least twice every week. Normally more!

Standing Bicycle Crunch

best booty building workouts

Bicycling is a superb workout for a bigger butt and hot legs as it uses the glutes and thigh muscles maximum. Standing bicycle dip is a version of biking that moves your body best with no bicycle.

The fascinating thing about this booty exercise will be, aside from buttocks and thighs, in addition, it will help to develop your abs, so, therefore, it works as a comprehensive routine to shapen your entire body and figure. You might even practice it by bending back on the ground.

The Way to do:

  • Stand with feet aside, and hands behind head.
  • Squat, then put back and lift your left knee across your body toward elbows in heart as shown in images.
  • Return to starting position and do the other sides.

Total 1 rep with either side and exercise 10 or more repetitions originally.

Downward Dog Split

Successful yoga which can quickly soften your buttocks, thighs, and legs by dividing of thighs. In a little time, you may see the results.

So. Ladies! Do not forget to practice this effective yoga for the bigger butt and hot legs.

Bigger Bum workouts

To get up, round, bubbly butt and hot legs, you have to try this exercise that actually work in 4 weeks.

Downward dog divide yoga pose put all of the strain in your buttocks and leg muscles and cause them to super hot and sexy.


The Way to do:

  • Begin with lying on the floor.
  • Take deep breathe, then push and release yourself into downward dog pose.
  • Now, slowly raise your left leg buttocks into the atmosphere.
  • Lift your leg as straight and high as possible.
  • Confirm the pose by placing equal weight on both the arms.
  • Now, bring your leg back to starting condition and repeat with right leg.
  • Attempt to hold for 5-6 breathing.
  • Practice how many repetitions you can perform in 1 moment on either side.

Lunge Kickback

booty building routine

As I said previously this glutes Maximus work efficiently once you move your legs ups, flexed and down from trendy joints. It is helpful to open up your buttocks and thighs, and gives you the rounded, small waist and bigger bum shape.

To appear sexy and hot, you need to follow these home workouts for, toned torso and hot legs which may change your appearance entirely. Lunge kickback exercise toned and stretch your thigh, hip and thighs muscles and supply you seductive appearance.

The Way to do:

  • Stand straight with feet together.
  • Just take a huge step forward with left foot and lower your buttocks till knees flexed at 90 degrees.
  • Ensure that your step forward leg ought to be perpendicular to the floor.
  • Increase your body gradually while performing a kickback along with your leg.
  • Return to the beginning position and perform reverse osmosis with a different leg.

Glute Bridge

booty building workouts at home

This movement is really a modification of bridge yoga pose and the goals is for your glues muscles to firm your buttocks, legs and thighs muscles. Additionally, it calms your lower back pain.

Do you want a smaller waist and bigger bum plus hot toned thighs? Then try this exercise program for 4 weeks to get a bubbly bigger butt and hot legs. Hip bridge or Glute Bridge is the most efficient yoga pose for a slimmer waist and toned legs and thighs. I’m sure this yoga pose will help you to provide your confidence in your ideal form.

The Way to do:

  • Start with putting up your face and arms onto either side, knees bent and heels on the floor.
  • Now, lift your buttocks off the floor until hips, knees, and shoulder are at a direct line.
  • Attempt to wait for 1-2 seconds before reducing your entire body.
  • Slowly lower your back and shoulders into the floor.
  • Originally target for 1 minute just with a gap of 5 minutes in each rep.

 Single-Leg Deadlift

booty building exercises at home

This motion triggers several steady muscles at the ankles and knees and also works the core. It’s one of the exercises which don’t seem very complex but possess the spark to get it noticed the next day.

There’s not any exercise which helps me work my thighs and buttocks up to lunges with jumping. This motion is volatile, advanced and demands a great deal of control and coordination.

Side Lunges

best booty building workouts

Buttocks, calves, quadriceps and inner thighs. All of these will profit from this motion. Additionally, the inner thighs need to elongate if the leg is right.

Booty Building Workout Benefits

The entire small waist big bum workout includes 7 exercises which you may readily finish in 7 minutes using a difference of 3 minutes as rest between workout.

Repeat exercise just as much as possible in 1 minute. The comprehensive performance of 7 minutes is going to be one place.

Originally, stick with the one-minute training schedule, however, after creating flexibility and strength, you can boost the repetitions and sets.

So, to optimize your results, be certain you’re doing it so that it actually works in your glutes legs and muscles.

Practice a minimum of two sets of each exercise over 30 minutes and rest for 10 minutes between sets. The work is ideal for beginners and experienced individual. Individuals that are in fitness class may perform them to heat up.

There you have it. My 7 booty building workouts at home or the gym for hot sexy legs and beautifully rounded bum. You can do it if you put your energy and mind to work and if you do, I’m sure 4 weeks is more than enough to see appreciable results.

But one thing though, you might need to supplement your training programs with good diet if you really want to see the result, also using supplements for shaping your bum can help you shed out some unwanted fats in your body.

To get full results from your booty building workout you can add some supplements to tone your body and keeps your glute looking hot and sexy

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