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Who is Alistair Overeem? If you are a fan of the MMA fight, the name Overeem should ring a bell. Alistair Overeem is a 35-year-old MMA fighter with two or more heavyweight titles in his career; but recently Overeem has been in the news for the use of a banned steroid substance. The drug was detected in his blood system during a clinical test.

In 2012, just right before his title fight against Dos Santos (junior UFC champion), Alistair Overeem failed his drug test. The test reveals that Overeem testosterone level was too high to be considered normal, therefore the UFC regulatory body in a quick swift to keep the fight going, found a new replacement for Overeem and consequently he was temporarily disqualified from the wrestling match.

While an attempt was made to really find out what happened to him, in a quick response to defend himself, Alistair Overeem argued that his Doctor did prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs which might have included ‘added testosterone’. His excuse was that the anti-inflammatory drug was meant to help him with his rib cage injury he sustained during a training session. Although his excuse looks tenable, the UFC and Nevada gaming board denied him his license and he was suspended for nine months

Experts Analysis

While the case against Alistair might sound very fair, yet we must understand that truly, steroids can somewhat accelerate recovery from injury, and many professional athletes know how true this is.

So, do you think Alistair should have been suspended due to his alleged steroid use?

The fact is, no matter how good a steroid is meant to perform, the subsequent side effects that comes after is much riskier compared to the benefits. Besides, when you use a steroid to heal any injury, it doesn’t heal at a lighting speed (as many are meant to believe) which still makes it not worth the risk. The benefit might be marginal but the risk is very much.

So in such a situation like Alistair finds himself, who is to blame, Alistair, his doctor, or the regulatory body?

If Overeem’s Doctor knows what he’s doing, he should have known that all professional athletes undergo a drug test before any major fight, yet he allowed a bit of testosterone substance to be added to Alistair’s cocktail. So, the regulatory body is not to blame because they just did their job, fish out cheaters! So, Its either Alistair Overeem’s Doctor is a quack or Alistair is not telling the whole truth.

Although the media story did not sink in well with many fans, critics say Alistair might have been on steroid intentionally for many years, for instance, they say that during the period of 2006 – 2012 Alistair gained a lot of lean muscle, which suggest that he has been using the help of steroids in gaining extra pound over these periods.

To back up these claims, when Overeem returned from suspension, everybody noticed how he has lost a lot of weight and his testosterone level was shockingly low. And as its well known that when there are signs of low testosterone In the body, is a pointer to a common side effect of completion of a steroid cycle.

So Is Overeem Using Steroid?

All signs show that Overeem must have been using the help of steroidal substances for competitive wrestling matches. But the sort of steroid he’s using is not made known to anybody, but what is certain is that the steroid has to do with an increase in testosterone level, which could also mean that steroids like dbol (increases Testosterone through the androgen receptors.) must be the likely culprit.

What Was Overeem Using?

In a defense to Overeem, he’s fans sometimes ask in a manner to defend him, “Why would Overeem need to use a steroid before a fight… he is good, doesn’t he?”

Just to let you know, the use of steroids not only increases muscle mass but also increases muscle strength, body endurance and speed up recovery, so by using steroid, Overeem would have easily overpowered his opponent thanks to increases in muscle strength, more body weight, and endurance. (which can, in many ways, be a big advantage in a fight).Even an increase in aggression and energy drive could be a beneficial factor in his fighting.

Critics also believe that Overeem could also be used if not dbol, but trenbolone or possibly combine many steroids together to make a stack. Of course, we can never really tell what he used but these are just guesses, so it will be safe to guess that Overeem was on a more than anti-inflammatory injections.

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Alistair Overeem Before and After Pics

Alistair Overeem before and after

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