What Is Testosterone Hormones Good for?…

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What is testosterone hormones?…

Are you over 40 years of age and usually feel tired working out (everyday) without any tangible reason why this is? 

If you are a pro bodybuilder or an active athletes, then you should know that as you age, your body’s testosterone level start declining which can possibly be the likely causes of your tiredness while about to work out.

Testosterone is a very important hormone for men and when this hormone starts declining, it affects their performance either in the gym or in the bedroom. [1]

Although many bodybuilders continue to stack testosterone with supplements like d-bal to bulk up or winsol for cutting but much more is the power of this substance in the body.

Testosterone can as well support your mental activities including helping you to sleep better.

This article guide will tells us what is testosterone, some important benefits of testosterone in fighting against natural decline of this hormone level in the body. Also we will touch on women’s testosterone hormone health and how you need to fight against low testosterone level in your body.

So, lets get started…

What Is Testosterone Hormone?

This hormone is produced in the male testicles and its what gives the men folks some outstanding performance in the field of play and also during sexual intercourse. [2]

As the teenager gets older, he starts to experience some body changes including his voice getting manly and deeper; this is what testosterone can do.

Although most people do not know this, testosterone production did not totally start from the testes, but starts from the brain.

The brain is made of different parts and each part working for a specific goal – for instance, the hypothalamus part of the brain is responsible for the release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) which stimulate other part of the brain called anterior pituary gland

The anterior pituary gland stimulate the Luteinizing hormone (LH) and this hormone also affect the Leydig cells in your testes to produce testosterone.

By using different hormones to create testosterone, it helps your body to regulate testosterone production depending on the level of testosterone in the body. [3]

What Does Testosterone Do?

what is testosterone

Here are some features of what testosterone does in the body:

  • Strong Bones
  • Low body fat percentage
  • Increse in muscle mass
  • Increase in hair loss
  • Increase fertility
  • Deep voice
  • Increase libido

There are lots of anabolic steroid presently floating all-round the market. These synthetic testosterone drugs have a way of affecting users when they stop using this synthetic testosterone and one of such changes include making men becoming more feminine.

This is because, over the years, their bodies have stopped producing testosterone naturally and they have found a way of getting testosterone through injections which is why post cycle therapy (PCT) is very important to reverse this testosterone levels.

You can experience high level of testosterone production until you reach about 30-35 years of age and after then you start to experience gradual decline of about 1% every year.

If testosterone level drops below the normal recommended level, the likelihood of such person to suffer from hypogonadism is very high – hypogonadism is one of the substances in the body that leads to health related problems including infertility, increased risk of depression, and lack of sexual drive.

Testosterone Symptoms In Men

If you have high level of testosterone in your blood, it will cause masculine trait behavior while the opposite is said of suffering from low testosterone hormone. [4]

Here are some symptoms of testosterone in men

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  • Difficulty with erection
  • Low sperm count
  • increased body fat
  • Low sex desire
  • High risk of osteoporosis
  • Hot flashes
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss

And here are some features of men with low testosterone hormones.

  • Poor concentration
  • Mood swing
  • Depression
  • Sleeping problem

What Is The Normal Testosterone Levels For Men

According to the Endocrine Society, low testosterone is considered to be in the amount of 263 ng/dl while the U.S Food and Drug Administration gave a normal level of testosterone to be in the amount of 300-1000 ng/dl

As we grow in years so also is the testosterone level start declining by 1% every year. This is one reason you hardly see bodybuilders in the 70’s or above because building muscle mass at that age requires a high level of testosterone hormone

What Causes Testosterone Decline in Men

Although testosterone decline is natural and its going to happen to everybody, however, there are ways you can control the decline. here are some features that will likely affect your testosterone level

  • Lack of exercises
  • Chronic stress
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Diet of refined vegetable oil
  • Eating high sugar based diets
  • Not enough sleeping
  • Being overweight.

Women Testosterone Facts

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The popular notion about testosterone is that it only has to do with the men. But the truth is, testosterone is also a woman’s thing. Women can also produce testosterone from their ovaries but on a limited degree.

Also both men and women can produce testosterone in their kidneys through their adrenal glands.

While medical practitioners agreed that low testosterone in men is about 266-300 ng/dl the normal testosterone level in women is about 8=60ng/dl

Baldness, deep voice character and irregular menstrual cycle are symptoms of high level of testosterone in women. Other symptoms include, breast size, acne, and facial hair growth.

Women need testosterone hormones so as to build stronger bones and improve their sex drive.

However, these above symptoms does not arise except you are taking anabolic steroid or injecting yourself with synthetic testosterone

How To Increase Testosterone Hormones in The Body

Science has concluded that having a regular and consistent exercise can increase the level of testosterone in the body

Taking supplements that contain ingredients like creatine monohydrate can further increase testosterone level

Healthy Testosterone Diet

Having a diet packed full with protein and healthy low glycemic carbs is important for maintaining a high level of testosterone

Sleep Increases Testosterone Level

Sleeping more than eight (8) hours everyday can affect the way your body produces testosterone and if you love to sleep this will come as a good news because a good sleep can increase testosterone. According to recent research, it was discovered that sleeping less than 5 hours per night can cause about 15% decline in testosterone levels.

Testosterone Boosting Supplements

These supplements work by increasing the level of testosterone hormones in the body

Here are some ingredients specially discovered to boost testosterone level significantly.

what is testosterone
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin A
  • D-aspartic acid
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract
  • Tongkat ali
  • Boron
  • Ashwagandha


We believe as you read through this ‘what is testosterone‘ guide you have accumulated more understanding of what benefit is testosterone for both male and female users.

Therefore, if your goal is to stay healthy, build more muscle and increase your sexual drive, testosterone hormone is very important to achieving these goals. So, to fight against rapid decline in your testosterone level, you need to sleep more, eat helthy balance food and minimize stress.

Remember, as you age, your testosterone level starts to decline and taking testosterone supplements like crazybulk testo max can push the decline level a bit higher and give you a much better chance of reversing low testosterone level.