Test and Deca Cycle Guide: 7 Benefits For Beginners, Intermediate And Pro

If you are one of the few looking for genuine 100 percent non-toxic, safe Test and Deca supplements, this guide will highlight the best of Decaduro and testo-max and trenorol combinations made with whole natural ingredients with no side effect whatsoever!        


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The combination of Test and Deca has been widely used in the fitness world to toughen physical appearance and give insane strength during training. This is why fitness enthusiast will recommend you stack Deca-Durabolin with testosterone everytime you feel you need to up your strength and endurance level.

This guide is a brief intro into the benefits you derived from using these combination of test and deca to build strength for maximum endurance.

An Overview of the Test Deca Cycle

One good reason why this combo is so popular among men bodybuilders is because of how effective and efficient it is in adding body weight, bulking and making sure that your gains are maintained.

There is no mincing word that bodybuilders prefer using Deca for bulking and when combined with testo, it produces more amazing benefits. As deca is renowned for bulking so also it effective for cutting.

If you’re the athletic type you will also find this useful because it works as a cutting agent.

Most anabolic steroid in the market are either used for bulking or for cutting, but with Deca, you can use for both cutting and bulking and still enjoy superb results.

Using Deca- durabolin as a standalone supplement is very effective, but the efficiency is much more if it is combined with testosterone supplement. The following section takes a look at the benefits you enjoy when you use Deca and why many athletes are crazy for these supplements.

Before and After DecaDuro

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7 Benefits of Test and Deca Cycle for Users

Better Mass Gains:

  • Using the two combo has proven to work for mass gains time and again
  • When used in a cycle you will notice the changes in your physique as you bulk up considerably after working out.
  • It won’t happen with just one cycle but over an extended period. The mass gained from a deca and test are going to be much more than what you get from a regular workout.

    Good for Your Joints:

  • One common problem with athletes is the pain along their joints and tendon. Although Deca is not formulated as a pain killer, but many athletes knows that Deca is known for reducing joint and tendon discomforts
  • The effect is further bolstered when you combine it with testosterone.
  • If you spend any time in the gym and talk to athletes, they will be the first to tell you that joint pains are commonplace and actually caused by some steroids. With deca all your joint pains will disappear.

    Builds Strength:

  • When Deca and Testosterone are used together, they produce massive results and when combined with dbol (i.e. Deca, Testosterone and Dianabol) the effect becomes even more pronounced
  • As you continue with each cycle, your ability to lift more weights goes up. One may argue that pumping iron is enough to increase your strength, but that is not true.
  • The best way to up your performance is to include Deca with some other muscle enhancer so as to maximize performance

    Increases Endurance:

  • To boost your training endurance, DecaDurabolin with testosterone are match made for boosting endurance with enhanced significant effects
  • If you’re just starting out, one of the most difficult things you have to deal with is the onset of fatigue.
  • You will run out of air, and even long time gym rats hit their peak and cannot go on.

Most times you run into plateau when trying to gain weight or lose weight, by using these two supplements, you will overcome any plateau you find yourself and gain more benefit. But one thing is certain, to get the best deca results, the right test deca cycle dosage should be administered.

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  Prevents Testosterone Reduction:

One of the low side of using decadurabolin is that it slows down testosterone production. This is a common issue with many anabolic substances, this is why combining Deca and Test is so important so that low testosterone challenges will be tackled by the addition of testo.

A test and deca cycle offers a lot of benefits, but for many this is the most important.

The problem of low testosterone is common especially among older men to the point it’s something we take for granted. However, low testosterone is not normal and there’s no reason to put up with it.

Preserves Lean Muscle:

If you are looking to preserve your lean muscle, the combination of Tren, Test, and Deca is one of the best combo you can prepare although just using Decadurabolin and testosterone is enough to bring out a conserve lean muscle mass.

One of the more common problems users face is losing all those muscles when you’ve completed a cycle.With a testosterone and deca combination you don’t have to worry about this as the muscles you worked so hard for will remain intact.

 Burns Fat:

Deca test cycle is one of the most effective combo to shred fat fast. Although not all people are aware of this fact but using these two supplement to burn fat works fantastically well.

Going on a diet helps you lose weight, but it can be difficult to remove the remaining vestiges of fat as your body will try to hold onto them. With this combination your body will be in a better position to burn the remaining fat away.

The importance of burning fat cannot be overemphasized: those excess fats stored in your body will be converted into energy, energy that you will use to gain mass and muscle.

When you factor in the increase in your endurance and stamina, it is not difficult to see how your body can benefit.

Expert Suggestion On Test and Deca Cycle for Beginners

The best test deca cycle for beginners shouldn’t last more than 12 weeks and the most basic dosage will be 400 mg weekly of deca and 500 mg weekly of testosterone. This dosage is recommended and will get your body accustomed to this dosages. As much as Deca alone is capable to get result but for the fact that using just Deca can drastically reduce your testosterone production, so a test booster is recommended as an added supplement.

If after completing the test deca cycle and you feel okay without unpleasant side effect, you can repeat the cycle again but this time you can add 30 mg of Dianabol every day and 0.5 mg of Arimidex some other days.

Arimidex is an anti-estrogen and often used by bodybuilders to counteract the effects of steroids.

The above test deca cycle is ideal if you are planning to bulk up, but if your plan is to cut, you can try other methods.

For proper cutting – the cycle should run for not more than 8 weeks and the stacks should include Durabolin (200mg/wk) Winstrol (50mg/eod) HGH (2iu/ed) Testosterone cypionate (150mg/wk)

Expert Suggestion Deca Test Cycle for Intermediate and Pros

A test deca cycle for intermediate bodybuilder – and the pro level – can take different forms.

For intermediate bodybuilders and those considered as professionals, dosage can take different forms – since your body is already used to the beginners dosage, you level of confidence and tolerance on dosage, cycle, and stack is an added advantage.

One combination you can try is 500mg/wk of deca together with 200mg/eod of testosterone and 50 mg of dbol every day. You should also add 0.5 mg of Arimidex and 4iu/ed of HGH for good measure.

This deca test cycle can also be programed to suit your special need, although you can extend the cycle to 16 weeks, but the average recommended cycle should be nothing less than 12 weeks

If you prefer the 16 week deca test cycle, take testosterone supplement, HGH, and Arimidex for the whole 16 weeks. You can include Dbol for 6 weeks duration and DecaDurabolin for 14 weeks.

If you’re in the cutting phase, deca 50 would be a good choice as it works very well when combined with testosterone.

In a cutting cycle like the one given here, use a 250 mg testosterone enanthate supplement during the first eight weeks. From weeks 1 to 12 take 200 mg of deca.

During weeks 9 to 16, replace test enanthate with 200 mg of testosterone propionate every other day and 100 mg every day of trenbolone acetate.

From weeks 9 to 16, add 80 mg of anavar every day. For the duration of the entire 16 week cycle, take 1mg/eod of Arimidex and 4iu of HGH every day.

Short Comparison: Deca and Test Cycle Vs Decaduro + Testo Max

Test deca cycle results are solid and cannot be doubted, but how does it compare with DecaDuro and Testo Max?

If you are looking for the best legal alternative to Deca Durabolin and testosterone, using DecaDuro and Test Max from crazybulk is your best alternatives

While deca durabolin and testosterone produce good results, DecaDuro and Testo Max are more effective and practical to use.

If we do compare the two supplement together, it is obvious that Decaduro and Testo max are going to be the best choice.

    DecaDuro and Testo Max are legal, while deca and other testosterone supplements are not. For many this alone makes a huge difference and the only reason they need to switch. Possession and use of deca and other anabolic steroids is not allowed in the US and other countries and could land you in jail.

While Decadurabolin and testosterone supplements are termed illegal and are not recommended for use because of adverse side effects, DecaDuro and Test Max are the better choice as both are considered best legal alternative steroids. This alone is a huge difference and can be the only reason someone will switch over to using them.

Possession of Deca and test or other anabolic steroid is illegal in the US and other countries and could land you in jail if you were to be found in possession of these drugs.

While decaduro and testosterone may take time to effect changes in our body especially deca, Decaduro and Testo max (from crazybulk.com) produces faster result, with decaduro and testo max, you only need to wait for about 30 days before you see significant results but for deca test cycle, you need to go more than a cycle before you can see visible results.

How To Experience Better, Long Lasting Test and Deca Results without Side Effects

If you want to take away the worries of impending side effect with steroid, your best choice is the premium legal anabolic supplements such as DecaDuro and testo Max. While winstrol and test deca can provide several benefit, their side effects can outweigh the gains. So for hard lean muscle mass and insane recovery time Decaduro and Testo Max are two powerful combo for more practical results.

Did you just say waoh?

Yes that’s exactly what you get using Crazybulk premium products: Best of both worlds – get amazing, life changing results and no negative reactions or fear of health issues.

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Stack for Full Bulking Results

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QUE: Test and deca cycle for sale – Can I get in USA or UK?

I really doubt any Doctor will prescribe test and deca steroids for any patient for fitness related issues except for specific medical conditions. But YES, you can obtain these steroids illegally in both countries.

That said, there are some steroid merchants online that sells these drugs and since they are doing it illegally, many of the drugs they sell are most of the time adulterated or a total fake versions.

However, the good news is that you can get the legal version of test and deca cycle supplements from craxybulk.com more interesting is that these versions are the best steroid alternatives (non-steroidal substance) and works as good as the steroid type.

QUE: Test deca anadrol winstrol cycle – possible results

If you are looking for all round results – both bulking and cutting then these combos (Test Deca Anadrol Winstrol) are perfect to both bulk and cut. The addition of anadrol and winstrol are known to be effective cutting agents while test and deca are renowned bulking agent – the outcome? Impressive bulking and cutting results!

For bulking –  through 8 weeks period you should expect about 20 pounds of lean mass and about 5 percent in body fat percentage at the same time.

QUE: Test deca dbol cycle diet advice

The best bulking advice is to eat good protein. For every kilo of your bodyweight, you shouldn’t take less than 2g – for instance, if you weigh 70kg you take 2g x 70 = 140 grams. Good protein source include – chicken breast, fish, beef, etc.

Also included in your diet should be some good amount of carbs (don’t go excess on carbs) – carbs are good source of energy

So foods like brown rice, potatoes and oats should be a prominent feature of your meal also included in your carb diet are your veggies and essential minerals for balanced diet.

QUE: Test cyp deca cycle – gyno prevention

The most important thing to control during gyno is estrogen. The best agents for preventing or reversing gyno are nolvadex and raloxifene. Do these also have side effects?

Yes they have – plenty!

What can you take to avoid gyno and no negative repercussions? Go for either Testo Max or full Bulking Stack pack like this one.

QUE: Test deca powerlifting cycle guide

For the best performance, it is recommended to take about 800mg of Test E per week and about 300mg of Deca per week – maximum power. With these doses you are sure of getting the power to target the kind of lifts you desire.

The bad news is that, high doses of steroid are dangerous to your kidney, live, and heart, so best alternative is to go for non-steroid type based supplements such as DecaDuro or Deca 200 pills

QUE: Can I sustain testosterone and deca cycle results after 4 months I stopped?

The best result if you are looking for a long term gain is to use the duo of DecaDuro and Testo Max. They are the right steroid alternative to get you going through your training schedule and still maintain your gains without you worrying about side effects (they don’t have any!)

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QUE: Suggest best deca and test stack alternatives

For Deca, there is DecaDuro while for test there is Testo-Max. Both alternatives are legal, natural, non-steroids with no adverse side effects.

Decaduro is renowned for rapidly building muscle naturally while Testo Max is the best agent to promote faster recovery, increases strength and stamina.

QUE: Is deca durabolin and testosterone cycle safe for teenagers?

Safety of decadurabolin and testosterone cycle on teenagers? They are definitely NOT SAFE for use! They are (YES) potent but they are also the most dangerous steroids out there

Anabolic steroid can cause temporary or permanent aggressiveness or irritability as it interferes with the development of the brain. Steroid also may cause other dangerous damage to teenager’s hearts, livers, and kidneys.

And if the teenage user ends up bulking up at such a young age, this may prevent him or her from growing to their full-height.

Other dangers such as acne breakouts and breast development in men are also well-documented.

QUE: Can I use testosterone propionate and deca durabolin cycle for cutting?

Don’t do it. Deca Durabolin is primarily for building mass while testosterone propionate is more known for performance-enhancement.

While prop may help you lose weight it won’t significantly change your physique on its own. You need the likes of Winstrol for that.

Alternatives such as Winsol and Clenbutrol may also help.

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QUE: Will I lose my test and deca transformation if I stop?

These drugs will keep you fit and lean for as long as you take them. But if you stop, it means you have withdrawn their effects.

You will have to substitute them with more exercise (cardio and the likes) or with natural supplements.

QUE: Will cutting on deca and test harm my health?

Yes, it will. The two are potent steroids with scientifically demonstrated side effects. They can even cause death by stroke or heart failure.

QUE: Is there natural supplements to take with testosterone cycle?

Yes, there are the likes of Testo-Max and DecaDuro.

Both are extremely potent and will give you fantastic benefits to complement those offered by testosterone. In fact, they are so good that you should take them on their own to avoid the side effects of testosterone cycles.

QUE: Should a first timer do 16-week cutting cycle?

No, he should not. 16 weeks is a long time to use steroids even for intermediate steroid users. This is regardless of how little the dosage is. Taking steroids for this long could have adverse side effects.

QUE: I was told about deca weight loss – can it help my obesity?

It will help. It will give you the strength, the muscle and the endurance to work hard in the gym. It will also help you lose weight.

But you also have to commit to training hard, drink plenty of water and watch your diet.

QUE: Am planning to order bulk test 400 injection – any danger I should be aware of?

A couple actually. There are the possibilities of experiencing liver damage, kidney damage, high blood pressure and even heart failure.

QUE: I fear cutting on test e due to bad reaction. Please advise better solution?

Winsol will give you what you need. It will help you incinerate fat without any side effects. It is legal, natural and works like a charm.

QUE: Are test and deca cycle before and after pics on forums genuine?

Many of them are not. However, since the two steroids are known to work, there is no doubt that some pics may be genuine. Nonetheless, the few that are genuine are difficult to verify.

QUE: Is 200mg of testosterone cypionate a week enough

Yes, it is. For most men, especially those of about 80 kilograms of weight, 200 mg of testosterone cypionate is enough per week. This dose is sufficient for most purposes and is relatively safe.

However, if you are going for performance-enhancement you should aim at about 400 mg a week. Again, remember that taking high doses of steroids can result in adverse side effects.

QUE: Testomax 200 vs Testo-Max by Crazy bulk

Testomax 200 and Testo-Max are both natural and legal testosterone-boosting supplements.

In terms of effectiveness, Testo-Max slightly edges it for us. It has proven results and uses ingredients that are less likely to cause a reaction.

This is in contrast to Testomax 200 that uses more ingredients and is therefore likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Testosterone Max Reviews