21 Hot Bikini Moms Secret To Getting A Perfect Summer Beach Body [Easy & Quick Tips To Follow]

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How can i perfect the hot bikini moms’ techniques to achieving a stunning summer body this year?

Summer time is a very difficult period to keep the weight down and maintain a fit and healthy body. This is a season of holidays filled with beach parties, drinking, body tanning and lots of fun and sun. It’s just the favorite season for everyone.

To get the perfect summer body for moms in bikini, eating right and exercising in advance will give the best result. While this might sound very easy to do, the summer season can be quite a challenge to slim down to fit into your bikini suit especially when you have much fat to shred from your body.

Are you ready to show off your body this summer? if not, do not worry, as there is still a lot of time to prepare yourself for the challenge ahead. Below are 21 quick and easy bikini body mommy’s tips to look your best and feel good this summer.

So what are our best tips to get fit for this summer and make sure you look splendid this holiday? The workout and dietary advice below is all you need to tone up, shape up and turn heads around with your sexy looking body.

Bikini Moms Diet Tips To Lose Weight This Summer

Below are some diet tips to get you in shape and turn you into a hot bikini mom this summer:

1.            Make Fruits And Veggies For Favorite

The best way to eat right for this summer is eating lots of fruits and vegetables every day. According to school of public health (Havard) 9 servings of fruits and vegetable is most recommended per day. if you want to be referred to as hot bikini mom, then eating lots of veggies and fruits is a good way to preparing for this summer holidays.

2.            Dont Overeat

Overeating is going to cause you your hot look this summer if you engage in it without control. if you are hungry, eat something light and dont stuff yourself with too much. There is always a point of satisfaction when you are eating – a point where a signal is sent to the brain to tell the body it has had enough. this is the point to quit eating, if you go beyond this point and continue adding more into your stomach, your summer body can become an illusion and your bikini body might cause you and friends around some embarrassment.

Its advisable to eat smaller portions of your meal throughout the day. This is the best way to eat if you want to shed some fat and look good in your bikini this summer.

3.            Eat Slow Energy Release Foods

Foods high in carbohydrate will likely increase your insulin level which can cause temporary increase in energy but quickly replaced by energy slump (low energy), High sugary foods are unhealthy and are packed with fats and non-natural sugar which are stored in the body. For the best bikini body diet this summer, go for slow energy releasing foods to maintain a constant energy level. This types of foods can help you eat less giving you a hot summer body and can make you stay away from unhealthy sugary foods,

4.            Avoid Processed Foods

Avoid foods that are rich in nutrition but low in calories especially avoid foods/snacks that comes in packets as most are generally low in nutrition but very high in calories suck as fat and sugar. Diet is very important when you are preparing for a hot bikini body this summer. It is necessary to replace many of your foods with substantial amounts of healthy natural foods that are very rich in nutrition.

5.            Skip the Chips

Another bikini body diet tips for ‘moms in bikini’ is to eat spicy foods. most spicy foods have among its ingredient capsaicin mostly found in chili peppers and can aid in heating uo your metabolism

6.            Drinking plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is also one big way to achieve a stunning summer body. it is always important to drink enough fluid especially during the summer period. According to the American Heart Association, plenty of water is vital to your heart health. “Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles. And, it helps the muscles work efficiently.” if your body lacks enough water, it will affect the way your heart work.

And if you are planning drinking some alcohol this summer, remember to have also have plenty of water for hydration as alcohol is known for dehydration.

if you want to know if you are taking enough water, the simple way to know id through your urine – if your urine is light in color, it means you are good (have enough water) but if it comes out darker, it means you dont have enough water in your body.

7.            Reduce alcohol

Alcohol is a No go area if you want to maintain or achieve a hot bikini body this summer because most alcohol especially beers are filled with empty calories. Although staying clear off alcohol during summer can be a very difficult task to perform especially if you are already used to taking it. if you fall into the ‘semi-addicted’ alcohol drinker, you can limit the amount you consume during the summer period.

Also watch out for liquors like runs and whiskeys because they have lots of added sugar. You can opt for lighter liquors such as gin and vodka if you’re planning drinking this summer.

8.            Watch Your Carbs.

Processed carbohydrate is not what you should go for to trim your body this summer. Refined carbs are your worst enemy if you are planning walking down the beach with your supposedly bikini body. You are better off with taking fruits, vegetables and unprocessed grains to shred fat in your body

9.            Forgo Carbonated Beverages.

Dish away your diet sodas or you might look bloated when you show up in the beach with your bikini suit. Bloating is a common factor with diet sodas, although they are good dieting aids to wade off hunger and also makes you stay off other higher calorie drinks, but the carbonated ingredient in diet soda makes it impossible to add to the list. Your best alternative to diet soda is to go for  Glass of wayer mixed with lime.

10.         Increase Your Protein Intake.

When your body is digesting the foods, it takes a lot of calories to get it done. Protein tends to use higher amount of calories when metabolizing – around 20-30%, carbohydrate takes about 10% and fat is measly 2-3%. If you want to cut back on your calorie intake, you are better of cutting back on the rest except on calories from protein – its better to stick with protein calories as this are much safer and can help you lose some weight.

11.         Calorie Timing

Another bikini body diet tips to lose weight this summer is to consume majority of your calories before 3 p.m (says Paul Arciero, D.P.E., a professor of nutrition and exercise science at Skidmore College) Its a known fact that if you eat your biggest meal early in the day, you are likely to shed more weight than others who eats the same calories with majority of them later in the day. Therefore keep your dinner light and dont delibrately skip lunch or push them into the late afternoon.

Bikini Body Workout Tips

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12. HIIT Workout

When its summer time then its sunny time. Put a new spin to your daily exercises and enjoy some outdoor workouts. One fantastic workout to get your body ready for this summer is to go intense – High Intensity Interval Training. These types of workout not only burns so much calories while you sweat, it also works during your resting period keeping your metabolism rate high – which is fantastic for your summer body.

One sequence to try: do an interval sprint while enjoying your outdoor jogging. You can sprint for 30 secs and reduce your speed to take a rest (do not stop jogging) then after 1 minutes of light running do another sprint. Continue this for 10 reps every day.

13. Spike Your Workout With Iced Coffee

Don’t want to use pre workout supplement? try coffee! Coffee can help boost your training session as it gives you some extra energy to power through your workouts. Research has it that taking coffee as a pre-workout can also protect your body from the harmful effect of the sun. To make it more appealing as a pre workout drink, add some iced cubes to quickly spark off the energizing effects of the caffeine

14. Core Stretches

The benefits of stretches are not fully understood and often times neglected. One minor injury on your part can stop you from achieving the perfect bikini body this summer; intense sport or workouts can cause the muscle to becoming overworked and cause your body aches, pains and injury. The best way to avoid such occurrences is to do some body stretches before your workout every morning. This stretches should target your core muscles especially ones in your leg and butt areas.

Before starting your daily workout routine, devote like  5-10 minutes to static stretching and concentrating this stretch to core areas for about 30-45 secs each.

15. Pay More Attention On Your Core Training

Do you want a better body posture to show off your summer body? do some core training and keep your entire body together. Just as the foundation is the pillar that holds every building, the core keeps your body hard and firm. if you intend to also burn fat in your belly or you just need to be stronger, focus on your core for a better summer body this year.

Together with your other daily workouts, add some core training like 3-4 times a week and you might be surprised how quickly your six pack is forming.

16. Squats For Summer

Nothing more matter to bikini moms than having a firm and strong legs; and that is where the squat exercise comes in. This exercise can help lift your bum while also putting some definitions on your thigh – it is a powerful fat burner exercise to engage in if you want to lose weight in the lower region. If squat is currently not in your program of event to achieving a sexy leg, then you need to include it. The thigh workout is one of the few exercises that can improve your lower physique and turn it into a hot summer body.

17. Uphill Walking.

Looking for a really perfect exercise to improve your glute area? try a cardio workout that involves walking the hill. Walking uphill is one intense cardio program that is meant to improve your glute muscles. if you want a beach ready bikini body this summer, this is one exercise you need to ty out to build up your endurance.

18. Don’t Forget To Work Your Back.

The back exercise is also of great importance if you are planning becoming one of the hot bikini mom on the beach this summer. With so much attention on legs and abs workout, many women underestimate the power of the back exercise in shaping their overall appearance this summer. some workout to improve your back that you need to start working on include: bent over rows, lat pull-downs and lat pull-ups at least once per week to enhance these muscles.

19. Morning Workouts

Starting your workout session right after breakfast is the ideal time to get in shape. this is the perfect time to kickstart your metabolism of fat burn and calorie deficit process. And if you do this correctly with some intensity, you could keep this metabolic rate working all through the rest of the day burning off those calories faster.

Sometimes, due to busy schedule you might miss your morning workouts, but the truth is that, boosting your metabolism is a great way to kickstart the day and achieve a fantastic summer body.

20. Try  Fat Burners Supplement.

Adding a supplement to boost your diet and workout is a great plan to getting your ideal summer body in check. While there are many fat burner you can choose from to help you achieve your goal, care must be given to fat burners that might likely cause you some negative effects, Many of these fatburners will also work as appetite suppressant tailored to your need and helping to wade off your food cravings.

So, if you want your bikini body to turn heads around here is the most advanced and potent fat burner supplement that will surely help you attain the best summer body this year.

21. Get rest

All the above mentioned diet and workout are all fantastic ways to get your bikini body ready for this summer. The one of the most important routine to add to these is ‘REST’. Make sure you provide your body with adequate rest – dont party all night and dont workout incessantly else your body will not be able to recuperate lost energy and strength. if you can find the balance between exercising and rest, it will definitely impact positively on your body.

If you want to look toned and defined, plenty of rest will do just that.

Best Fat Burner Supplements For Bikini Moms


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In Conclusion

Taking your time to prepare a fitting meal this summer is as important as planning your workout routines. There are many places you can get quality ingredients and fresh produce to buy especially if you go to the farmers market. The farmers’ marketplace is your best option if you need freshly produce fruits and vegetables and you’ll also save money doing so.

And to get the best out of your workouts, you need to practice working out in the morning to burn fats instead of carbohydrates. if you engage in morning exercises, you tend to burn more stored fat because the carbs in your body has already been dealt with during your sleep. And its a fact that morning exercises burn fat at a higher speed and continue doing so many hours after workout (15+ hours).

Finally, being a hot bikini mom this summer is not complete without some supplement doses. Fat burner Supplements are a great addition and supplementation to your already active meal and workout plans. The best supplement to burn fat quickly must include some thermogenic and active appetite suppressant to burn fats and stop food cravings.

You can’t go wrong this summer if you are hoping to show off your bikini body with these fantastic 21 easy and quick tips to help you get a stunning summer beach body.

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