Clenbuterol Review – Safe Weight Loss Supplement To Help You Burn Fat Fast!


Are you looking for a safe fat burner to help you cut down on your weight? If that’s the case, then you are welcome to read this guide. This guide will show you some effective but illegal performance enhancing products, and their safe alternatives; and after a thorough and extensive discussion with fitness professionals, we are able to narrow down to the best supplement to burn fat.

If you have heard of clenbuterol, then you aren’t new to bodybuilding. And if you haven’t, then clenbuterol is the go-to steroid for burning fat and maintaining a lean muscle. It’s well-loved by bodybuilders as a weight loss supplement. Although clenbuterol was initially created to treat asthma, bodybuilders and athletes later discover a better way to using it to burn excess body fat. Moreover, clenbuterol as a steroid is a banned product associated with harmful side effects, even with that, many people still use it.he question is, if it’s a banned supplement, why are some people still using it?Can the gain be more than the risk?This is what this review is all about….

There are lots of clen product on the market, and not all of them work exactly alike nor perform equally. some are more standard than others while some have more negative effects than others. while some do promises fast results, only little can really show any evidence thereof.

But before we really delve into much details, lets quickly take a peak into what clebuterol is and the effects on weight loss

Typical Clenbuterol Results


If Clenbuterol (Benzenemetanol) was originally developed to help treat asthma, how come people are using it to lose weight?

Because clen is a thermogenic agent (help to increase body internal core temperature) it lead to increase in basal metabolic rate (BMR) and which in turns burn your fat storage at a very fast rate (fast metabolic reaction).

What this means is that clenbuterol can boost the metabolisms of users, turning their bodies into a fast and high-efficiency fat incinerator

Clenbuterol is also known to help increases your blood flow so your muscles dont get starve of needed oxygen; this mean that your training can go a higher level with increase in stamina and training endurance without getting tired so easily.

Because clenbuterol causes so much side effects, the necessary authority (FDA) has to put a stop to its sale. side effects such as, increased blood pressure and cardiovascular stress are some effects that have been associated with using clenbuterol. And despite the ban placed on the product, people continue to use it because there is no doubt that clen really increases athletic performance (both on and off the gym) and help burn off unwanted fat and still maintain a lean muscle mass

But how much is too much?

How To Use It

Clenbuterol is best taken in cycle. And there are different cycle for men and women. When taken in cycle, it makes your body to react, but not addicted. Most people like to go on 2 day on and 2 day off cycle, while others prefer a longer cycle of 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off.

During the cycle period, a pill is taken right immediately you wake from sleep (also good as an energy booster – get the most off your day with a tablet in the morning) you can also take near nighttime, but feelers from the rumor vine, doing so stand the risk of a sleepless night.

Common Side Effects of Clen

Here are some other serious clen side effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Dehydration
  • Overheating
  • Insomnia
  • Heart problems
  • Anxiety

Because of these negative clen effects, clen for sale in the U.S. is prohibited. Clen is very efficient, but the risk of using is very high.


if you have a health issue you need to speak with your coach or Doctor before using and if you are into competitive sport, a drug test may indicate clenbuterol as doping.

Fortunately, There are some legal anabolic supplements that can perform exactly like clenbuterol and will not give any side effects because they are safe and made from 100% natural ingredients…so they have zero side effects.

Let’s take a closer look at how Clenbuterol alternatives perform.

The Best Safe Clenbuterol Alternatives:

1. Clenbutrol – 5 / 5 ( My #1 Choice)

crazybulk clenbutrol
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First option


Best used for:

Cutting, Performance & Lean Muscle

Safety and Side Effects:

100% Safe and No Side Effects

Price of one month’s Supply:

$61.99 (£36.95) – 90 capsules

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2. Colonel – 4.5 / 5

Second option

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Best used for:

Fat Loss & Cutting

Safety and Side Effects:

100% Safe and No Side Effects

Price of one month’s Supply:

$69.99 – 90 capsules

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Availability & Shipping:

USA Only

Do Clenbuterol Alternatives Actually Work?

I have received lots of email complaining about how they have not experienced any changes to their bodies after training for so quite a while and how frustrated they are…

Hitting the plateau can be very frustrating to some guys especially newbies who’se just experiencing real gain. its inevitable!

To some people coming out of their plateau just needed some more push and they are up for it; all they just need do is stick to their workout plan. While to others, getting them off their plateau can be very difficult. They get frustrated and think their body is jinxed. This is when clenbuterol alternatives can come handy for such a person.

One time, a guy was feeling so frustrated with his plateau; after a year of bodybuilding, that he decided to quit

when clenbuterol alternative was suggested to him, he felt very skeptical about it ever working (although his reaction was a typical one especially from a novice) but after some reassurance that clenbuterol alternatives are safe and legal and that it work as good as clenbuterol and can get him off his plateau, he finally agreed.

He took Clen alternative

After about 3-4 weeks, he was like a new man.

His body became leaner, with more focused mind, it was clear he had more energy and more endurance to get more committed to working out.

There’s no other product on the market right now that works as well as Clen alternatives.

Burn fat and build muscle with a good Clen substitute

Here’s How Much You Should Take:

Although you need to take clen alternative consistently for 2 months to get best results, 3 capsules is recommended to be taken once 45 minutes before your workout. Even on your rest days, you still need to take your dose in the morning so your body can continue burning at a very consistent rate.

Most products work on a 2-month on, 1.5-week off schedule.

You should feel increased energy levels almost right away and see leaner, more toned muscles.

No injections, no needles, no prescriptions.

Like any supplement, Clen alternatives can have potential side effects. These include:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Nervousness
  • Jittery feeling similar to effects from caffeine

These side effects are rare and don’t happen to everyone.

The side effects clen alternative has is much less severe compared to clenbuterol itself. Its one of the main reason why bodybuilders love using clen alternatives for weight loss. But if you are suffering from high blood pressure or you are having severe anxiety, it is recommended you speak with a health professional before taking clen alternatives

Using an illegal substance is a straight path to risking your health, Clen alternatives are the only safe and legal products I recommend.

Results people are getting with this thermogenic

My #1 Clen Alternative


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For those who are still having doubts, I always tell them – you can lose weight without supplements, but you’re going to lose some muscle too.

Why compromise those hard earned gains in the gym?

Here are the best Clen alternatives available.

“I Burned Off Fat in Just A Short Period of Time With These Pills!”

It will; be quite confusing listing all the clen alternatives here on this guide, i have therefore narrowed it down to just two that i think will get the job done fast and efficiently. From what i have tried and from the response i received from forums, these two are the most effective and safe to use of them all!

#2 Colonel from Marine Muscle


You can only buy Colonel in the U.S because its only made for Americans

Colonel – my second choice

It natural ingredients include:

  • Turmeric – This ingredient is known to suppress appetite and for many years is brewed as a tea to help in weight loss
  • Garcinia cambogia – This tropical fruit is reknown for its ability to fight and block your body’s fat producing hormones
  • Bitter orange – one of the most effective natural weight-loss tools known and employed for centuries

Colonel noticeably increases energy levels right away, and I felt great during my workouts when I was taking it.

I definitely noticed results, though it took about 4-5 weeks for them to start really showing.

This is definitely a great, all-natural alternative to Clen.

The only negative concern on Colonel is that it’s a bit more expensive compared to other clen alternatives and there is no online review to back up its effectiveness yet; even though some people I know vouch for its effectiveness

#1 Clenbutrol from Crazy Bulk

Clenbutrol is one of the most effective supplements I’ve ever tested.

Clenbutrol – my choice #1


i noticed results within just 30 days. My muscles looked crazy defined and I loved how much easier it was to power through tough workouts.

Such incredible natural ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia, and bitter orange are included in clenbutrol. Also included is guarana extract, which is taken from the seeds of a plant that reduces mental fatigue and increases energy levels.

Notably, I didn’t experience any side effects when I was taking Clenbutrol or when I stopped taking it on my off cycles.

Crazy-Bulk the maker of clenbutrol has a very big presence online with a wide user base including 5 star reviews of clenbutrol product.

You can buy any of their supplements worldwide.

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Clenbutrol is definetely worth checking out. Its the most affordable weight loss, fat burner product in the market. Best of all, crazy-bulk frequently has big deals to build your preferred stack

The combination of natural ingredients with the proven effectiveness of the active ingredients makes it an easy sell.

It’s the only weight loss supplement I recommend for everyone.

Here’s where you can get your first bottle of the best Clen alternatives today.

The Final Verdict?

Supplements like Colonel and Clenbutrol are two powerful weight loss/fat burner supplement that are changing the weight loss industry

The supplements help push me to my next level and can do the same for you.

Legal substitute available here Colonel is $69.99 per bottle and it ships free to anywhere in the U.S.

Its completely filled with natural ingredients that truly boost energy level and it’s the ideal choice for those who want to lose weight fast.

If you are from the US and want to buy Colonel – get it from Marine Muscle website here.

Product #1:

Clenbutrol is only $61.99. It ships free to everywhere in North America and Europe.

It works so quickly that you’ll really see your purchase in action. But best of all, they have a buy 2, get 1 free deal on ALL supplements.

Each purchase also comes with 8 bonus nutrition and training guides to help you with your diet.

That’s incredible value!

Discount offer

Since Clenbutrol is the better deal, I really have to recommend it to everyone. There’s no better way to start cutting fat and showing off your hard-earned abs and muscles.

Right now you have several options when it comes to your fitness routine.

Try to meet your goals on your own and wonder how you’re ever going to make it past the plateau.

Buy an expensive product with no reviews that might not work for you

Or, you can get the #1 rated weight loss supplement with an unbelievable deal and jumpstart your fat burning today!

Clenbutrol – My #1 Choice

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FAQs – Readers questions answered

How Clenbuterol works?

Clenbuterol works in 3 ways for users. So if you are into bodybuilding to build muscle, clenbuterol can work as a stimulant which stimulate your central nervous system and boost your workout abilities and it also helps to supply oxygen to your muscles so you can get a very beneficial workouts.

Clenbuterol work also as a fat burner, it boost your metabolic rate so that you can use more of your calories. This is why non-competitive athletes love using clen

If you are a bodybuilder or an athlete clenbuterol can help you retain your muscle mass. During bulking cycles, bodybuilders retain more fat and gain more muscles. The cutting cycle helps to get rid of these fats and excess water in the body which then leads to reduction in body mass . With clen athletes and bodybuilders can get rid of water and excess fat and still retain their muscle mass

Which celebrities use Clenbuterol for weight loss?

Several celebrities have been ducked with clenbuterol usage. They include:

  • Mexican Boxer – Erik Morales
  • NHL Player – Carter Ashton
  • Aussies’ First Heavyweight Champion – Lucas Brown
  • South Korean swimmer – Kim Ji-Heun,

Several Doctors also attest to helping several high-profile celebrities to using Clen for their weight loss benefits. Rumors have it that celebrities like Britney Spears, Nicole Ritchie, and Victoria Beckham might be guilty of using clen to maintain their weight loss success.

Celebrities are losing weight with this

Who can use Clenbuterol?

Depending on where you reside, clenbuterol is not allowed in some countries. For instance clen for sale in the U.S. is prohibited by the FDA. But other countries will have regulation controlling clen usage, however.

The major users of Clen are celebs and athletes. Important persons such as models and actresses used clen to slim and trim at all time, else they may be out of job if they are not found to be in shape. Athletes are also very common users of Clenbuterol.

What is Clenbuterol good for?

This also depend on where clen is been used. Vets can use clen to treat respiratory allergies in horses and also used for cows when in labor and while some vets have found a way of using clen to bulk up their livestock. So clenbuterol can be used in various ways by veterans.

But for people, it is most commonly used for weight loss.

It is also used by many bodybuilders and athletes because it helps them retain their muscles during their cutting cycle.

When is Clenbuterol most effective?

To see the effects of clenbuterol, it is recommended to use during the cutting cycle. This is when you start to shed the excess water and fat you gained during your bulking period. Clen is the ideal fat burner in such situation and also help you retain your lean muscle.

When does Clenbuterol kick in?

Unlike other anabolic steroid that takes close to 30 – 60 days to see results, using clen for weight loss and fat burner, it is very common to see results immediately.

Why cycle Clenbuterol?

When clen is cycled, it means taking clen dosage for some weeks at a time and then interrupting or breaking the cycle by stopping for a while before resuming over again. Each expert may have a different idea as to what the proper clen cycle is.

Some experts recommend a 2-week, 2-week off cycle, to be used with most Clen stacks.

Although its muscle building and retaining properties can last a little while like 18 days long. Its fat burning properties can last up to 6 – 8 weeks. Using it for two weeks straight seems then ideal since it only has a half-life of about 35 hours

Why is Clenbuterol illegal?

Clenbuterol is prohibited in some countries like the U.S because of its harmful side effects and because it is prone to abuse by many people. Although the short term effect of clencan last for just 8 – 10 but it does comes with a long list of symptoms. The most common ones include increased blood pressure, muscle cramps, headaches, nervousness, nausea, insomnia, and tremors.

The long term side effects of Clen are not yet complete understood, but studies indicate various types of cardiac issues, and it can worsen any preexisting blood pressure and heart conditions.

Therefore I recommend Clenbutrol as a natural Clen alternative.

Clenbutrol – My #1 Choice


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How Clenbuterol burns fat?

The simple answer here is that it boosts your metabolism. It accelerates how you burn up the calories you consume. So if you go on a diet, you limit your calorie intake. When you work out, you increase your calorie use.

That means it’s much more likely that you’ll have fewer calories for your energy needs. To compensate, your body will then burn up your fat cells for energy.

That’s the biological purpose of fat cells in the first place. They’re reserve power. Clenbuterol simply makes it more likely that you’ll need that power so you burn the fat cells and become slimmer.

Where to buy Clenbuterol?

Getting to buy clenbuterol can be a bit difficult especially if you are living within the U.S. so if you know someone who uses anabolic steroid, you can approach such a person to help you buy clenbuterol

Your Doctor or Vet can also help you buy clenbuterol if you so need it urgently.

If you are outside the U.S you may probably buy clenbuterol in their open market (i.e if its not classifies as illegal there) and its also possinle to purchase clenbuterol online. Only make sure the website you are buying clen from is trustworthy.

That’s why I recommend safe and legal Clenbuterol alternatives. I have checked few of them and only recommend two at the moment. Both are very effective and safe.

The only difference is that Clenbutrol from Crazy Bulk can be bought worldwide and Colonel from Marine Muscle only in the USA. So, when the rest of the world should go for Clenbutrol, Americans can choose also US made Marine Muscle Colonel.1. Clenbutrol – 5 / 5 ( Our #1 Choice)crazybulk clenbutrol

Best used for:

Cutting, Performance & Lean Muscle

Safety and Side Effects: 100% Safe and No Side Effects

Price of one month’s Supply: $61.99 (£36.95) – 90 capsules

Ready to use stacks with other steroid alternatives: Yes

Availability & Shipping: Worldwide

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