Clenbuterol Cycle For Women | Females Before After Chart

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Clenbuterol for Women

How is clenbuterol cycle for women different from that of the men? Is there really clenbuterol cycle for women? and how is this cycle different from other clenbuterol cycles? This and other pressing question on clenbuterol has been the focal points of discussions on forum boards and fitness related groups.

Clenbuterol is gaining so much popularity as the best slimming pills so much so that some movie stars, fashion model, and singers have been using with this fat burner, appetite suppressant weight loss pills. It is no surprise that just like there is clenbuterol cycle for men, the women are also asking if it’s ok to run a clenbuterol cycle for female too.

The truth is, clenbuterol diet pill is the most powerful weight loss pills in the market right now. its benefits is much more than any other fat loss pills out there and more importantly, there is no difference between running a clenbuterol cycle for men and clenbuterol cycle for women. The only difference that is visible is the dosage.

Today clenbuterol capsules are the most favorite solution to weight loss issues. In fact, this pill is considered as the number one best-selling weight loss, fat burner pills – Its getting so much attention that many article publications have termed this pill the “Zero Size Pill”. The result you get from using this pill to slim down and shape your body is fast, visible and awesome.

With all that said about clenbuterol as the best weight loss pill, some women are still a bit skeptical about the safety of this pill and whether it is right for them. They are wondering how clenbuterol can help them to lose weight even when they are not into competitive sports or bodybuilding and what possible side effect would they have to contend with if they decide to use this pill.

Therefore in this post, you will read what clenbuterol cycle for women is, how to use it successfully to lose weight, you will also learn how to cycle clenbuterol if you are a woman, its side effect and most importantly, what the best clenbuterol alternatives is and where you can buy it in the market. this and more in this comprehensive clenbuterol cycle for female guide.

Best Clenbuterol Cycle for Females


First thing first, what is clenbuterol cycle used for?  it is more commonly used to burn fat and increase energy in a bodybuilding cutting cycle.  As said earlier, the difference between clenbuterol for females and clen for men is in the dosage but how you cycle it is the same. While a man may start his cycle with an initial dose of 40mcg per day, some women start there’s by 10mcg. Women on clenbuterol tend to be safer with using lower dose during the cutting cycles.

However, there are different ways to cycle clenbuterol. But only three (3) of them are the most used. Also women with higher bodyweight or who have more lean muscle mass can take  20mcg as a starting point while female with less than 160lbs should take less preferable 10mcg per day to see what effect they may likely get.

How to prepare your Clenbuterol Cycle For Women?

Running a clenbuterol cycle for women is generally simple and easy to do; the options include:

  • 2 days on/2 days off (Bursting Cycle)
  • 2 weeks on/2 weeks off
  • incrementing dosing

These are the three most used methods of clenbuterol cycle for females, regardless of your weight loss goals, there is only one of these that will be 100% efficient and the best to suit your needs.

Let’s explain these cycle one after another…

Bursting Cycle

This used to be the most common option of the three, until recently. The 2 day on /2 day off option work like this:

You take a high dose of clenbuterol pills for two days and you stop taking them the next two days. You can run this cycle this way not more than 12 weeks. Although while this option is very popular among bodybuilders and athletes, the truth is, its not the most effective option among the three available. The reason is, this option leaves out some important thermogenic improvement properties in the drug and more so, it is considered as a more stressful option to your body organism.

The 2 Most Common Clenbuterol Cycle For Females:

2 weeks on/2 weeks off

The internet message boards made the second option more popular as many users have posted positive review of results with this option. This option includes you take clenbuterol for two weeks and also stop taking for the next two weeks. This is the most effective way to supplement for faster and visible fat loss results far more so compared to the bursting cycle. Although this option is very simple to follow, care must be taken to avoid overdosing if you are a woman.

Clenbuterol cycle for women should start with low dosage from 10mcg – 20mcg range. Normally, you are supposed to increase the dosage every day or every two days until you reach the desired dose which should be in between 100mcg to 140mcg range and then discontinue use at the two-week mark. At this point, the next two weeks will witness an off season with clenbuterol and after this break, you start again. Remember that when you are starting again, your dosage starts from where you stopped. So for instance if you’re previous dose was stopped before the break at 100mcg, your new cycle dose should start from 100mcg. (you don’t need to increase your dosage at this point until your two weeks is reached)

Incrementing cycle

This option is also growing in popularity among men but some women also love using it because of its high potency. This is how this option works for women on clenbuterol cycle:

You start with an initial dose of 10mcg-20mcg and increase it with 10mcg every day and not more than 3 weeks. This option helps your fat burning incinerator work at high rate throughout your medication and you continue to burn fat throughout the entire period. These steady dosages prevent excessive accumulation of the drug in your system and allow some degree of adaptation without giving your body chance to get used to it. This cycle must not be more than three weeks and during this cycle, you are advised to take plenty of fluid, avoid other stimulants like caffeine so as to prevent some side effects. In theory, this option should have been the best clenbuterol cycle for women but as the case is, it all depends on every woman’s body mechanisms.

Clenbuterol Cycle Chart

Here is a clenbuterol cycle chart that you can follow for your weight loss objective. Remember that this clenbuterol cycle chart should be strictly adhered to if you want to see significant result with your clenbuterol before after results.

  • Day 1 to Day 2: 10-20 mcg
  • Day 3: 20-40 mcg
  • Day 4: 40-60 mcg
  • Day 5 to Day 6: 60-80 mcg
  • Day 7 to Day 10: 80-100 mcg
  • Day 11: 60-80 mcg
  • Day 12: 40-60 mcg
  • Day 13: 20-40 mcg
  • Day 14: 10-20 mcg

Reasons to Use a Clenbuterol Cycle

There are lots of reasons women run a clenbuterol cycle among which is the:

‘Post Cycle Recovery‘ – This is very important after you must have gone through a steroidal cycle.

Also, the clenbuterol cycle chart enhances your training intensity and gives you a greater amount of strength to go through your daily workout sessions.

These pills are helpful if you need to maintain your present physique when used with the right diet that suits your 2 weeks on cycle.

For those who are struggling to lose weight and burn fat, following a clenbuterol cycle chart is the ideal way to get this done. Although you might experience some increase in size and strength, the major ingredients in clenbuterol are meant to deal with the most stubborn fat in the body.

when used for fat burning and weight loss purpose, it must be as a supplementation to a healthy diet with low calories, moderate carbs, and high protein.

Clenbuterol is not a steroid and so its used as a steroid alternative is loved and appreciated by bodybuilders who have one thing or another against anabolic steroids to improve lean body, muscle hardness and strength.

Clenbuterol Before After Results

clen weight loss

The best clenbuterol before after result you will obtain from a cycle is weight loss. If you combine a healthy meal plan, intense workout schedule, and clenbuterol pills together, there is no way you will not experience significant clenbuterol before after result. Although some women also report an increase in muscle gain, but this is not so common. Clenbuterol can help you to maintain your already existing physique either bulking or cutting; the most prevalent result from clenbuterol cycle is massive weight loss if all these three are combined together.

The two weeks on and two weeks off option still remain the best option for women looking to cut down on their body fat fast. why this option work so well is attributed to the way the body system adjust to the drug and by taking some weeks off you are able to maintain your metabolic level every time you start the cycle all over again.

The only problem associated with this clenbuterol cycle option is that during the break period  (2 weeks off) the rate at which fat burn in the body decreases due to the absence of the fat burning properties that heat up the body temperature.

What To Stack With Clenbuterol For Faster Result

There are various other supplements you can stack with clenbuterol for better results. For women, the best stack that goes well if you are planning to run a clenbuterol cycle for females is to use with Anavar or Winstrol. Both are anabolic steroids that are considered safe for women with positive effects for weight loss.

Anavar – Oftentimes referred to as ‘women steroid’ work as an androgen receptor – helps to increase the rate of protein synthesis and enhance muscle growth. its main core responsibility includes boosting women’s workout sessions making them work harder and longer in the gym. Anavar is a very mild substance in the body and does not make you have some sort of masculine side effects like other anabolic steroids do.

Winstrol – This anabolic steroid works well by attaching itself to the androgen receptor and therefore leads to improve anabolic activities in the muscle tissues and also helps to improve on the protein synthesis.

Those that have used Winstrol have reported improved athletic performance, speed and insane workout stamina. its mild androgenic properties is most ideal for women to get cut and ripped before a major competition.

Women Favorite Fat Burner Supplement

Picking the best fat burner supplement from the many offered in the market might be a little bit difficult if this is your first time of using a clenbuterol alternative. The many brands available for users is not only confusing but at times can be very misleading in information.

Fortunately, this guide will help you wade through the arrays of different clenbuterol alternative and point you to the best option of them all. Our best pick is based on how safe it is for users and how effective the pill is.

Clenbutrol supplements for weight loss is the #1 supplement that will get you your desired result of cutting fat quicker than any other fat loss supplement out there. Its ingredients are all 100% natural and legal to use by both women and men, therefore, you don’t need to worry about the nasty side effects associated with clenbuterol steroid and a very quick way to jump-start your fat burning process and get you to your fitness level fast.

Below are some very important information about clenbutrol – the fastest weight loss supplement in the market from crazybulk.

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If you are in need to boost your metabolism faster (so as to achieve a quicker fat loss result) or need more stamina and endurance to fight stubborn fat and gain lean muscle, clenbutrol from crazy-bulk is your very best option. Its unarguably the best and most used fat burner supplement by athletes and bodybuilders who want to lose weight. And more interesting is the fact that this fat cutter supplement is among the very few in the market that does not come with harmful side effects.

Clenbutrol from crazy-bulk is specially designed for women and men who are in dire need to lose weight or maintain their already desired physique. it is the best legal steroid that works exactly like the popular clenbuterol steroid but without harmful negative effects to users.

Over the years, clenbutrol has gained so much popularity because of its effectiveness that lots of people have left reviews of positive results with before and after photos so that new users can be better informed about this wonder supplement from crazy-bulk. The clenbutrol dosage is very simple to follow – Depending on how you want to use it, you can take 3 capsules from the bottle everyday morning, afternoon and night but the problem with this type of dosage is that it might likely affect your sleep pattern if you take the capsule or pill in the night. The best-recommended type is to take 3 tablets at once in the morning or you make sure the 3 capsules are taken before late afternoon so you won’t have trouble with your sleep in the night.

For best result, you can stack (combine) clenbutrol with other anabolic legal steroids that are also from crazybulk like Anvarol for an effective increase in workout routines.

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