Chinese Diet Pills – Dangerous Illegal Fat Burners In The Market!

illegal fat burners

What Are Ilegal Fat Burners

As the supplement market becomes more competitive, buyers have been warned to stay clear off some Chinese diet pills that have been confirmed to be potentially dangerous to human health. The FDA in a news bulletin warned the general public to beware of some illegal fat burners that have already infiltrated the supplement market.

In its news bulletin released by the agency media officials, Chinese diet pills like Chaso (Jianfei) Diet Capsules and Chaso Genpi, were mentioned as life threatening pills that pose a potential public health risk to consumers. In his briefing Dr. Lester M. Crawford, FDA Deputy Commissioner said the FDA is sensitizing the general public of the hazardous effect these illegal fat burners have caused in places like Japan, where users of these illegal fat burners have suddenly fallen sick and some reportedly died after taking these Chinese diet pills.

Deputy commissioner Crawford said quick action is being taken by the FDA to make sure that such illegal fat burners are taken off the market and precautionary measures have been put in place to make sure that citizens are not affected by this potentially dangerous diet pills

In 2001, the agency issued a recall on some dangerous diet pills popularly called “Treasure of the East” herbal products because of the composition in the ingredients that makes up the fat burners. Ingredients like aristolochic acid (known to be a kidney destroyer) were discovered to be in the makeup of these supplements and therefore thirteen (13) of such illegal fat burners were taken off the market shelves.

The dangerous diet pills that took the life of these Japanese users was said to have contain elements of fenfluramine also known as Fen-Phen, – an active drug ingredient that is notorious to human health.

The combinations of Fenfluramine and phentermine in making the weight loss pills gave rise to valvulopathy – a severe and fatal heart disease conductor. This was why Fenfluramins and dexfenfluramine were reportedly removed from the market. However, phentermine was left in the market as studies reveals that phentermine when used alone has not been linked with valvulopathy.

The two illegal fat burners’ Chaso Diet Capsules and Chaso Genpi are on the watch radar of the FDA and instruction has been given to port officials to seize any consignment that contains any of the mentioned ingredients or the dangerous diet pills.

In a stack warning, the FDA is urging the consumer to be watchful and report any of these Chinese diet pills – illegal fat burners to their local FDA official for prompt action.

Here are some other diet pills that might pose danger to consumers’ health:

GUAR GUM (Cal-Ban 3000 and East Indian Guar Gum)- This complex sugar was meant to help dieters feel full but was discovered to cause serious digestive blockage. Although small quantities of these ingredients are permitted as emulsifier, thickener and stabilizers in a wide range of foods and pharmaceutical products, however such ingredients are not common with weight loss products.

phenylpropanolamine – (Acutrim Diet Gum and Dexatrim Caffeine Free) – These are also decongestant that is common in cough, cold and allergies medication and were discovered to increase the risk of hemorrhagic stroke, particularly in young women.

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