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Colonel from Marine Muscle is a Military Grade Clenbuterol for Sale Only in the US that Can Burn Fat and Help You Get Ripped and Shredded Muscles with Zero Side Effects!


Colonel from Marine Muscle:

  • is a powerful thermogenic fat burner
  • is a cutting edge formula that mimics clenbuterol
  • retains lean muscle while cutting
  • is available only in the USA for hardcore Americans
  • boosts metabolism and burns fat quickly
  • increases stamina and endurance
  • increases dense and hard muscle
  • improves muscle definition
  • has no adverse or harmful side effects
  • has been getting awesome user reviews

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Why Marine Muscle?

Looking for 100% military grade legal anabolic steroids for quick and fast bodybuilding results? Marine muscle is a unique brand that deals with military grade legal anabolic steroids. There product are uniquely made from the state of the art FDA approved facilities within the United State. All their products are formulated to work and function like the real steroid but  without the nagging and nasty side effects that comes with using steroids. Their supplements can only be access from the us market without a prescription.

Marine muscle product are top-notch compared to other brands; their product ingredients are 100% made from natural ingredients found in herbs. Beside, marine muscle product has already delivered more than 2m orders till date and the number continues to rise each day. They can also ship your order free of charge to anywhere within the US, they have a lively customer support, you can reach them via phone or simply chat with them online.

Clenbuterol – Benefits and Side Effects

Clenbuterol steroid was initially created as a decongestant to treat people suffering from asthma, or any other breathing disorders. Over time the steroid became very popular among bodybuilders and athletes because of some certain chemical compound found within it that can easily burn fat and build muscles at the same time.

Also known as clen steroid or in some quarters as buterol, clenbuterol is refered to among pro bodybuilders as the most powerful fat burner with fast positive results. It is said to have the ability to burn fat completely during a cutting cycle known as the clenbuterol cutting cycle.

Clenbuterol is classified as a thermogenic fat burner because when taken it can increase your body’s temperature to boost your BMR or metabolism so that your body is able to shed excess fat fast.

As much as clenbuterol works to get you your desired cut and ripped body it nevertheless comes without its side effects, some of which are:

Clenbuterol steroid can cause these side effects when used over a period of 3-6 months

  • breathing difficulties
  • sweating
  • muscle cramps
  • insomnia
  • hypertension
  • increased heart rate
  • nervousness
  • headaches
  • increased heart rate
  • dry mouth etc

Also if you continue to use clenbuterol over a longer period of time you might experience other side effects like:

  • heart condition
  • Left sided cardiovascular decay
  • bone cracks

Why Colonel from Marine Muscle?

Because of the multi sided nagative effects of clenbuterol, athletes and bodybuilders are very cautious about using it as the risk far outweigh the benefits. so what next? what fat burning supplementcan easily substitute as a legal alternative to clenbuterol with same benefit but without side effects?

Colonel from marine muscle is tauted as the best clenbuterol alternative to bring about same beneficial effect of cutting and maintaining lean muscle without any side effects. Colonel is a safe 100% legal anabolic steroid that is pure and can convert body fat to energy while also defining your muscle to maintain a shredded anabolic physique.

One ingredient that makes a difference between colonel clen alternative and other brands is the natural tumeric extract ingredient. Colonel comes with a very powerful 50g of tumeric extract. Tumeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant substance that can help you burn more fat easily especially fats from stubbon areas of the body.

Another wonderful benefit of colonel clen alternative is its ability to supply increased oxygen throughout the body. This is so important to athletes and bodybuilders especially when on High Intensity Training (HIT). By supplying oxygen to the muscles during workouts, it helps you to train harder and lift heavier weight so that you can achieve a lean muscle mass fast. Also the increased oxygen flow to the body can aslo speed up the recovery process between workouts.

Some of the main ingredients in Colonel include the following:


  • Turmeric Extract
  • Bitter Orange Extract
  • Guarana Extract
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Vitamin B3 etc.

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How to Stack Colonel (Clenbuterol)?

Do you want to get a faster and better results with colonel clen alternative? Even though colonel from marine muscle can easily work and mimic clen steroid without the side effects, colonel can still be stacked with other 100% safe legal anabolic steroids for better and quicker results. One of the best stack for best cutting result is the marine muscle cutting stack.

Cutting Stack from Marine Muscle:


Consists of Alpha (Anavar alternative), Winger (Winstrol alternative), Colonel (Clenbuterol alternative) and Trooper (Testosterone Booster)

  • Melts away excess body fat
  • Burns both subcutaneous and visceral fat
  • Preserves lean and hard muscle in the body
  • Eliminates water retention
  • Increases Vascularity
  • Increases Muscle Hardness and Density
  • Improves Muscle to Fat Ratio
  • Helps You Get Ripped Abs
  • Increases strength, endurance, speed and agility
  • Has no harmful side effects

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  • 100% legal alternative to Clenbuterol
  • Taken orally, no injections or needles required
  • Only Clenbuterol alternative with turmeric extract
  • Burns fat faster than other clenbuterol pills
  • Retains lean muscle
  • Manufactured in an FDA approved lab in the US
  • Available for sale only in the US
  • NO known side effects
  • Amazingly positive user reviews


Colonel from Marine Muscle is a safe and 100% legal fat burner that has no side effects. However, some of the ingredients might show up in the drug tests if you are in some sports. Thus, it’s important to discuss with your coach before you start having it. All the ingredients are clearly mentioned on the website as well as the product label.

Although Colonel clen alternative is a safe and 100% legal fat burner, the ingredients that make up its composition are all natural ingredients and therefore its a safe supplement to use if you want to burn fat quickly. One thing though, the ingredient might show up in a drug test (NOT illegal ingredients) so its important you speak with your coach before using Colonel supplement from marine muscle. Also all ingredients that makes uop Colonel supplement are visibly written on their official website and can also be seen on product label

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