6 Best Anabolic Steroids For Bodybuilding Cycles


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Have you ever wondered what the best anabolic steroid for running a bodybuilding cycle is? or how bodybuilders achieve their superhuman physiques? i guess you must be thinking it’s the workout routines alone…right? Well yes, the workout is one factor, but that’s not all. Professional Bodybuilders know that you cannot always rely on workout routines alone to achieve the Arnold Schwarzenegger look. Diet, supplements and workout programs all work together to make a superb muscle development.

How Do Bodybuilders Cope With Anabolic Steroids?

The use of anabolic steroid to gain massive muscle or burn fat is a regular and common practice. Although there are regulatory bodies watching over this industry, many of these steroidal substances have over the years been classified as illegal substances that shouldn’t be sold in the open market or be used for competitive sports.

Because of the benefits bodybuilders get from using these steroids, benefits like massive muscle gain, lean muscle mass, burn fat, testosterone booster, fast recovery etc. underground laboratories have sprang up secretly to render service to selling many of these banned steroids.

Warning: As much as the gain of using anabolic steroid is tempting, its side effect is much more dangerous!

But then some still use it…

Of course most of us would say it’s not worth it. While we might dream of getting big or losing weight, the risks involved with steroid use are simply too great for most of us to consider it worthwhile.

Anyways, wouldn’t it be interesting to know the kind of steroids for bodybuilders are using with their workouts:

What kind of steroids these bodybuilders are using to look superhuman? And do these steroids have side effects? Etc…Wouldn’t it be nice to know?

Here are some anabolic steroids many bodybuilders are using to achieve their superhuman form:

Dianaboldianabol review

Also commonly called dbol. This one is one of the most talked about steroid. It’s a household names within the bodybuilding cycles. It’s highly powerful and it binds to the androgen receptor. Big advantage it has over similar steroids is that you can easily purchase it, very affordable and is virtually sold everywhere.

Here are some dianabol side affects you need to be aware of: hair loss, acne, low testosterone production, impotence, gynecomastia, liver damage etc…

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Deca Durabolin


This one seems to have been around forever.

How Deca Durabolin work?

it works by converting into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) i.e it reduces some nasty side effects associated with testosterone, which in turn makes it less likely to cause users to have gynecomastia or water retention.

Deca is well liked by many bodybuilders and most times some fondly called it “king of steroid” Even when it still stop you from having male breast (man boob) or bloating, it still has its own side effects like ‘deca dick’

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crazy-bulk winsol

Winstrol is one of the most popular and potent steroid bodybuilders uses to burn fat and increase energy. It is fondly called the “all in one steroid” why?

Winstrol is an androgenic steroid because it binds to the androgenic receptor and it also convert it to DHT. This steroid can also enhance red blood cell count which is why bodybuilders love using it for fat burning and energy boosting. As much as winstrol is considered potent to burn fat and increrase energy, so also it has its side effect, and can be very severe as well.

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This is the most favorite for women. Reason is, it works like the ones mentioned previously. Anavar work via DHT but its one of the least potent of all the steroidal substances mentioned above. These two factors actually make Anavar a suitable option for women.

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This steroidal substance works by increasing the protein synthesis in the body, which makes it somewhat bit different from other anabolic steroids. One thing against anadrol is that apart from its side effects like the ones mentioned above, it also raises testosterone level slightly through secondary mechanisms.

And what this steroid has in its favor is that you don’t need a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) and according to experts it doesn’t damage natural testosterone production in the body.

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Apart from orally taking testosterone, it can also be taken via injection directly. There are different types of injectable T that bodybuilders use to boost their testosterone level, we have testosterone decanoate, testosterone enanthate but they all have the same side effects of directly raising serum levels.

Although the use of testosterone injection is very common among bodybuilders, Doctors also prescribe testosterone to treat different kinds of conditions such as low T.

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