What To Eat After A Workout to Gain Muscle

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what to eat to build muscle

Are you wondering what to eat after a workout to gain muscle? This is the same kind of questions you hear bodybuilding rookies ask in forums and online communities.

The truth is, working out is very crucial if you intend to have big muscles. However, if your goal is to build muscle or to lose weight, what you eat is a contributing factor to a successful muscle gain.

For instance, a high performing engine relies on a clean fuel to power its operation and make it work smoothly.

Similarly, your body demands high-quality food to enhance performance after your workout. A good workout session requires a good post workout meal as bodybuilding is as much about what you eat after workout as it is about how you workout.

To get the best out of your daily workout routines, having the right type of food is important if you want to achieve the best muscle building result your body needs.

In March 2001, a research was conducted by the “International Journal of Sport and Exercise Metabolism” to highlight the importance of what to eat after a workout

it explains that your muscle needs a complete balance of protein food which is the reason they advocated consuming protein that provides the body the amino acid which is the building block the body needed for muscle growth and development.

There are different fantastic meals to consume when you are in the path to building muscle however, not all of them is recommended to be eaten directly after a workout. Below are some foods you can eat after a workout.

Best Food To Eat To Build Muscle

Fruits are packed full of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins with digestible carbs and enzymes responsible for easy breakdown of the foods and transporting the nutrients to needed muscle tissues.

For instance, consuming pineapple (after a workout) is a good food to eat after workout because it has a protein-digesting enzyme known as bromelain. Also, pineapple is used to reduce muscle inflammation which makes it a good source of post-workout meals for athletes.

Also included as a portion of good food to eat after a workout is the kiwi fruit known to easily break down amino acids in the body and aid digestion.

If your goal is to find what to eat after a workout to gain muscle, drinking protein shake, taking BCAA’s, some whole wheat bread, white rice is all that is required to get started.

Other sources of food might be introduced later on but you should try to avoid fatty foods that slows down digestions