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What are Protein Powders?

Protein powders are dietary supplements that have a high concentration of protein. In most specific cases, protein powders are considered a necessity.  “They’re an easy and convenient source of complete, high-quality protein,” says Carole Conn, Ph.D., associate professor of nutrition at the University of New Mexico.

Protein powders are household names amongst athletes, bodybuilders and some big football players to help them build muscle mass. It is also very helpful for those who are on a weight loss journey including those who are on a liquid diet.

The market is inundated with several types of protein powders for sale and many of them are protein powders from soy, pea or milk (whey or casein) with or without carbs along with other performance-enhancing ingredients such as creatine, ‘fat metabolizers’, vitamins and minerals.

Protein powders made to a smoothie shake, or absorbed however you’d like are becoming increasingly more popular as a nutritional supplement.

Is Eating Or Drinking Protein Powder Before Bed Good?

drinking protein powderEating or drinking protein before bed is a fantastic idea irrespective of your bodybuilding objectives. It is an ideal supplement to lose weight, burn fat or build muscle mass. When sleeping at night, the human body gets to repair itself through a slow healing process. Taking Protein powders at night just before heading to bed will make sure that comes the next morning, your body’s high calorie is significantly cut down just by taking the right amount of protein before bed.

It is actually the amino acids from the protein that keeps you at the anabolic condition. i.e. maintaining muscle tissue and burning fat as its energy source. Therefore by providing your body with enough protein before bed, then you’re maintaining your body in the anabolic condition a couple of hours into the night.

Will Taking Protein Powders Make You Lose Weight?

Can you lose weight eating and drinking protein powders? Obviously, you can, Based on what your goal is, you can take protein powders to lose weight if that’s your priority.  But, it is your calorie consumption that will determine your weight loss and not the protein powder itself.

Many branded protein powders in the market today have a wide list of ingredients to show their strength of being better than the next brand. But several are so extremely artificially sweetened and filled up with additional unhealthy ingredients which make a somewhat healthy food into a highly processed food. So when choosing a protein powder, make sure you keep it simple.

Can Protein Powders Make You Gain Weight?

If you’re fed up with being skinny and wish to get some weight then a better option to try would be to use a protein powder which will indeed help you to get some few additional pounds. To gain weight, you’ll have to add some whey to your diet. Protein assists in growing and repairing your muscles. You have to eat roughly one hundred to two hundred calories per day. This can allow you to gain about a couple of pounds each week. Gaining a pound or 2 at a week is normal to your body.

Benefits Of Using Protein Powders Before Bed

During workouts, our bodies undergo intense training sessions in order to build muscles or to attain a lean muscle mass and this might likely negatively affect our body during the day. Sleep is the time when our body responds to the stress and creates the physiological adaptations we’re looking for below are some other few health benefits you may expect from adding whey protein in your night routine?

Burn fat while you sleep – protein powders gives an increase of amino acids that help improve your metabolism, enabling your body to burn extra calories while sleeping.

Improves post-workout muscle healing: When on training sessions, the goal is to tear down the muscles in order to, actually build them back up again. By eating and drinking protein powder before bed it allows your body to recover faster especially when you are sleeping.

Morning Freshness: Adding amino acids and burning off calories during sleep can help you wake up feeling energized and refreshed in the morning.

Speeds Recovery: Did you know that almost all of your retrieval happens because you sleep? Throughout the day, you’re using your muscles, so that your body can not really make appropriate repairs until you eventually stop moving (at night). Taking protein before bed, will make those repairs better, resulting in improved healing.

Boost Energy: Studies have shown that protein will help to accelerate your metabolism, meaning you will have more energy when you wake up the next morning. By sourcing more amino acids, the protein powder will top the “gas tank” of your muscles replenishing ATP energy.

Make Waking Up Easier: Do you know that raking protein at night enables you to wake up more readily? According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, both protein and carbohydrates can enable you to get more energy in the daytime.

Keep Muscle Mass: Since you give your body the right amount of amino acids, it translate to making sure that your body receives all the protein required to build muscle. Rather than letting your body to break down muscle cells to use for energy, high protein intake encourages the maintenance and growth of muscle mass

There are a few people who might have trouble sleeping when taking protein powder before bed (for a few, a rise in metabolism can result in a rise in energy ). If that is true, you can try mixing it with magnesium powder or using magnesium cream to help boost natural sleep.

Whether you include a very low calorie, high protein powder before bed or if you just wanted to restructure your nutrition plan, the benefits of having 20 to 40 grams of protein before bed is worth it! This can be true even as you are sleeping.

Is Whey Protein Bad For You?

is whey protein good or badSome whey protein nutritional supplements such as bars and powders and whey containing drinks, such as chocolate milk, contain sugar. And this raises the caloric content of the whey, but absorbing sugar can provide you a quick boost of energy, which makes it more challenging to get to sleep. In case you opt to have whey protein before bed, then choose whey containing low fat dairy, soy or soy protein supplements which offer little if any extra sugar.

Whey Protein Side Effects:

Though whey protein has many positive effects, it does include many side effects too. Here’s a glance at 7 of those negative effects this protein could have in the body:

1.Excessive Fat Gain

Oftentimes, whey protein powders have additional carbohydrates like of sugars. There are a few that have fats too. It follows that weight could be obtained in fat kind, which can be unhealthy. You might even gain weight once you overeat while still consuming whey protein at the same time.

2. Kidney Stone Formation:

When you take whey protein powders, you are in danger of having kidney stone formation. While it might not be an immediate cause, experts think that this protein may make the condition worse if you’re already suffering from it. To protect against this, you need to take sufficient quantities pf dietary fiber and water.

3.      Digestive Problems:

Lactose is included in whey protein powders; also if you’re sensitive to lactose, you might wind up having issues with digestion. It’s not just men and women that are lactose intolerant that suffer with this cause. If you have digestive issues, choose for a whey protein concentrate since it doesn’t include as much flaxseed.

4.      Risk Of Gout:

Even though there isn’t any proof that whey protein is an immediate cause of gout, it may worsen the problem if you presently have it. It’s also advisable to consult with a doctor before you begin taking whey protein when there’s a history of gout on your loved ones.

5.       Kidney Problems:

Excessive consumption of whey protein may lead to renal problems, particularly if you already suffer with them. Experts recommend tracking your caloric protein consumption and also consulting with your doctor before you begin taking it. This way you’ll be able to avoid any long-term damage to your kidneys.

6. Liver Issues:

Consuming whey protein excessively can heighten liver problem. That is the why it’s important to ensure you eat the protein moderately. It’s also a good idea to speak with your physician prior to taking whey protein, as it might interfere with the effects of the medicine you’re taking to help your liver ailment.

7. Risk Of Heart Disease:

Experts feel that consuming an excessive amount of whey protein may have harmful consequences on those who suffer from heart disease. It can result in cardiac arrest, heart rhythms which are strange, and in addition to complete loss of heart functionalities.

How Safe Is Whey Protein Powders?

It has been demonstrated that the quantity of whey protein powder you consume  has a direct effects on your body wither positively or negatively. Over-consumption of the protein is the main reason a lot of men and women suffer from negative results. In reality, excessive ingestion of any protein is bad for your body because it gets stored in the body as fat. This then raises the possibility of dehydration.

There’s also the possibility that whey protein might have an interference with specific medications. For instance, it’s been discovered that nutritional powders made with a particular protein can lessen the potency of Levodopa, and it is a medication used for Parkinson’s disease.

Whey protein powders can also lower the potency of Alendronate, the medication prescribed to individuals with osteoporosis. It might diminish the body’s capacity to consume the medication, thus making it less powerful. It might also have a negative influence on the potency of the antibiotics Tetracycline and Quinolone. It should also be mentioned that diabetic patients can experience blood sugar fluctuations when they consume whey protein powders.

To be certain that whey protein supplements are safely absorbed, specialists urge moderate doses on a short-term routine. This way, the body gets the benefits of the protein without the probability of suffering from at least one of these whey protein side effects which were mentioned previously.

In addition, they advocate whey protein nutritional supplements for athletes that are physically active compared to people who are not. This is only because athletes who workout on a regular basis need more protein than individuals that aren’t physically active.

Drinking Casein Protein Powder Before Bed

protein powderCasein protein, just like whey, comes from cow’s milk. It accounts for approximately 80 percent of milk total protein content, while whey constitutes the other 20 percent. Casein is also insoluble, so it is the good solid protein.

Arguably, casein’s biggest strength is timing. Casein is quite helpful to take in the night because it has the ability to provide your bloodstream with a slow and steady flow of amino acids that will last for hours. Your muscles might not be built immediately, but drinking a glass of casein-rich powder is the perfect protein powder before bed since it is helpful during the night compared to some other protein option.

A newly published study shows drinking casein before bed might help ‘turn ‘ the muscle building engine inside your body as you sleep. This implies it’s going to allow you to benefit during the night to recuperate, increase muscle, and get more energy.

In this study participants drank  2 litres of casein protein powder before going to bed. Tests were conducted to determine if their body was at a muscle building state while they sleep. Results in the evaluations demonstrate that the participants drinking casein protein powder can be in a muscle building state while they sleep. Doing so frequently might be a safe and cheap method to build muscle and get stronger very fast.

Is casein protein Powders Before bed Good?

The reason behind drinking casein before bed is to help stimulate muscle development and generally to make the foods digest at a perfect rate, over a span of 6 or more hours. Whey protein on the other hand can be digested quickly, in under one hour. The main reason it digest so slowly is that it forms a gel on your gut. This gel then requires a lengthy time to be digested and when digested, it consequently releases the amino acids it contains to your muscles gradually.

 Benefits of Drinking Casein Protein Powder Before Bed.

Here are some benefits you get from drinking casein protein powders before bed

Casein helps enhance metabolic rate
Want to enhance your chances of muscle growth and fat loss? If that’s the case, you may want to know that a study conducted in the Netherlands found that by multiplying casein ingestion by 2 and a half times, participants could have a higher metabolic rate when sleeping and a superior overall fat balance. Also of note is that satiety amounts were 33 percent higher. To put it differently, by simply taking casein you will not only be increasing your likelihood of losing weight, but you will do so on a fuller stomach.

Casein yields greater strength
Ask any man what his workout goal is and you won’t be surprised to see him mention to have increased strength as part of his wanting list. Most of the time, to help them achieve such feat at a quick rate, they result to using protein powders. At a Massachusetts study, researchers discovered that casein really doubles the impact which whey protein has on thighs, torso, and shoulder results. Researchers consider the main reason behind this substantial difference was due to casein’s renowned anti-catabolic properties. Next time you are considering owning a late-night snack, make it a casein shake.

Casein beefs your teeth up
As per a study conducted at the UK, one method to help stop a more costly dental visit may be to eat casein. This study found that casein proteins possess the ability to lower or stop the consequences of tooth erosion. Therefore, if you drink a good deal of fruit juices, or simply can not kick the soft drink habit, at least contemplate protecting your own teeth by adding some casein protein into your daily diet plan.

Side Effects Of Taking Casein Protein Powders

side-effects of caseinCasein shouldn’t be consumed by someone that is allergic to milk, as in many instances this kind of protein might cause allergies. Precaution should likewise be given to people that are vulnerable to milk products and that suffer from chronic indigestion.

In healthy individuals, excessive consumption of casein can cause several unwanted effects like gastrointestinal ailments, bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea. At recommended dosages, the chance of side effects is reduced.

Several are casein sensitive, and in these circumstances, you will probably experience problems even if you apply the very best, highest-quality casein available on the marketplace.

Milk is quite high in sugars (galactose), which means that you may quickly wind up getting a high carbohydrate count (total carbohydrates minus fiber) when drinking raw milk. (Butter is much superior to milk in this aspect, as it is reduced in galactose and higher in healthy fats)

Drinking whey protein vs casein protein before bed

In the study mentioned previously, British scientists compared the effects of carbohydrates, whey protein, and casein protein within the body overnight. The effects of whey protein has been like that of carbohydrates, but it had been the casein protein which demonstrated the best increase to morning energy and endurance levels.

This is because of how the whey protein has been processed and made to digest more quickly. During the first couples of hours of sleep, it will quickly flow to each of the organs and muscles within the body. With casein protein, it takes all night to disperse the amino acids. Although the repairs to go on in a more gradual process, the continuous slow flowing of the amino acids will provide you more energy at the daytime.

When comparing casein and whey protein’s effects in our body, it is similar to the distinction between a bowl of oatmeal and a candy bar. Casein protein is similar to oatmeal, which gradually releases energy over the time. Whey protein is similar to the candy bar, sending shots of amino acids at one time and quickly running out of steam.

So what exactly does all this mean? Is whey protein before bed a good idea, or are you choosing the wrong protein?

The simple truth is that casein protein would be your better option for the pre-bedtime smoothie or protein shake. It is intended to provide you a steady flow of amino acids, allowing your body to make repairs more carefully over the duration of the night. Whey protein powder will work out of steam within a couple of hours, so it is far better to go with casein protein powder as the best pre-bedtime protein beverage.

Nonetheless, it’s well worth attempting whey protein a couple of nights, even if only to find out what impacts it could have. You might discover that it works nearly as close to casein protein, and who knows, you might sleep better and wake up with much more energy as a result of whey protein powder!

Experts Recommendations

According to all this, here’s what I use and completely recommend…

Whey: Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Whey Gold Standard
Optimum Nutrition is among the very highly regarded supplement firms round, and also their whey protein is most obviously the best-selling protein powder of any sort on virtually every site that sells nutritional supplements. Why? Due to its quality, the simplicity of use, and above all … it is the best tasting whey protein powder there’s. They’ve got a wonderful selection of tastes, and I have enjoyed every one I have tried. I highly suggest it.

Casein: Optimum Nutrition’s 100 percent Casein Protein

Another from Optimum Nutrition, and shouldn’t be a surprise. This is truly the only casein powder I have ever attempted in my entire life, and since, i never had to try out any after it. It is both high quality and also comes in different selection of flavors that taste as great as it gets.

What is Next?

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