Ideal Shape Shake Review – Ideal Meal Replacement Plan For Weight Loss

Ideal Shape Shake review

Ideal Shape Shake


Weight Loss Success


Low Sugar


Appetite Control



  • Low Sugar
  • Low Calorie
  • Appetite Curbing
  • Good Quantity of Protein
  • 30-Day MBG


  • Thin Shake

Ideal Shape ShakeIn today’s fitness world, almost everybody is getting into shape. Who wants to really look fat and chubby anyways? This is why many workout centers and gyms are having an influx of people coming to register to get their bodies back in shape. While many are into workout there are others who rely much on meal replacement or supplement to achieve their goal of losing weight or gaining weight.

It is for this reason that the market is also flooded with different kinds of supplements in the form of meal replacement, exercise programs to gain or shed weight, and also diet recipes like smoothies and shakes.

Talking about shakes, there are lots of them that claim to do one miracle or another but the problem is, how do you really know which of them to choose from to match your fitness goal?

Welcome to IdealShape, the ideal supplement for dieters looking to get good results with little effort. The name idealshape is derived from the fact that almost everyone has his or her ‘ideal shape’ which they would like to achieve when they start using the supplement. This supplement is ideal for delaying hunger craving and is good for body nourishment.

To get started, ideal shape is made for people looking to lose weight fast and the idealshape pack includes meal replacement shakes and bars, snacks and supplements. The goal here is to get you to lose weight – and ultimately keep it off.

IdealShape can be purchased through Amazon or using their Official Site.

Ideal shape is one of the more popular brands currently on the market line of meal replacement products. This product comes in a number of flavors; vanilla, orange cream, cookies n’ cream, chocolate cream, strawberry, and chocolate.

This review tries to highlight what idealshake meal replacement really is. What its made of, who can use, benefits side effects and above all compliments and complaints from consumers

A Brief History On Ideal Shape Shake

Ideal Shape Shake review

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Ideal Shape LLC based in the Salt Lake City, Utah, US, founded by David Meine, manufactures the Ideal Shape shakes. The company enjoys quite a good rating, A+ from the Better Business Bureau. It also produces a wide variety of supplements for example; weight loss bars, fat burners, collagen supplements, and vitamins and minerals.

 Active Ingredients Listed On Ideal Shape Shake

As far as what the ingredients contain, there are over 20 listed. There are the B-Vitamins, Vitamin A, C, D, and E also included are Zinc, Magnesium, and Iron.

An In-depth Analysis Of IdealShape shake Ingredients

Vitamins and Minerals– Ideal Shape Shake contains over 20 different minerals and vitamins. They include; vitamin A responsible for improving eyesight and boosting immune system levels in the body, calcium for a strengthening of bones, teeth and nerve communication, vitamin D that supports heart health, bone health, and healthy immune system. There is also vitamin B to support nerve cell and muscle function.

Some of the minerals include; niacin that helps in maintenance of healthy levels of good cholesterol, folate for regulating brain functions and improvement of mood, magnesium to support healthy kidneys and heart, riboflavin, a metabolic agent that targets fat while increasing energy and iron to help in digestive health.

Protein Blend– with a scoop of idealshape meal replacement, you get to have like 11 grams of protein to help you preserve your muscles especially if you are on a diet plan. In this supplement, the proteins come along with the following ingredients;

  • Whey protein concentrate.
  • Whey protein isolate.
  • Soy protein isolate.

Fibre– This is another great addition to ideal shake supplement. A serving of this supplement contains up to 5 grams of fiber, which is within the required daily limits of 20%. This is one ingredient that is responsible for hunger blocking and id therefore ideal as a high-quality fibre shake

The fiber in this supplement is extracted from;

Inulin: a probiotic bacteria responsible for regulating out hunger levels in the first place, preventing us from engaging in overeating.

Slendesta potato extract: This ingredient is known to help us lose some weight. If you ever took notes of those who had used this supplement, it gives them better leaner muscles. This according to the maker of this supplement is the #1 ingredient in the shake. It is extracted from potato skins and plays the role of stopping a hormone by the name, cholecystokinin, which thin out hunger levels in the body.

Maltodextrin– This is one of the fillers and thickening agents used to make the ideal shape. This ingredient is easily absorbed by the body compared to many other carbs, It is popular with bodybuilders and athletes who wish to get energy from their food for workouts.

Bromelain and papain– These ingredients are both classified as protease enzymes meaning they help digestion and tenderize protein. it was actually included to help athletes combat pains from excessive workout training, or arthritis, injury, and digestive problems.

Enzymes– There are a variety of enzymes in the Ideal Shake. They are; protease, lipase, cellulase, and lactase.

Raspberry ketones: Raspberry ketones are found in various fruits and berries. It is hailed as a weight-loss ingredient, but there’s very little evidence to support this. On the other hand, one study did mention that this ingredient “prevents and improves obesity and fatty liver.”

Green Tea: Green tea is native to China and India, but has been consumed all over the world for centuries. It has a huge list of benefits including cancer prevention, cholesterol health, and weight loss.

The catechins in the green tea are what gives this ingredient its weight loss properties. One study by the International Journal of Obesity pointed out that catechins “significantly decreased body weight and significantly maintained body weight” after a period of weight loss.

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Ideal Shape Shake Nutrition Value

Ideal Shape Shake and barsA good thing about this supplement is the fact that it has a good chance of being one of the favorite meal replacement by bodybuilders. Each serving of Ideal Shape meal replacement contains 100 calories, which is quite good for dieters.

In these 100 calories, fat content makes 30% content. However, this exceeds the recommended 20% of the Food and Drug Association fat requirement in supplements. With this much fat, you will not lose weight easily, unless workouts are added to this plan.  If you intend to observe your diet only when it comes to shedding weight, you may have to look elsewhere.

Sugar content is also a good sign people will prefer this supplement to others. It only has 1 gram of sugar, which is a lot less than many of other brands in the market, some of which have up to 20 grams of sugar. The two active ingredients; potato extract and inulin, come in handy in suppressing your appetite as other similar meal replacement products and shakes.

Ideal shape Benefits

Low Calorie and Low sugar– With only 100 calories and 1 gram of sugar per serving of this supplement, this happens to be the lowest calorie and sugar levels in a meal replacement existing in the market.

Great appetite curbing– This supplement has a good appetite suppressant ingredients; potato extract and inulin, which could keep way hunger for over 4 hours.

Good quantity of protein– Ideal Shape shakes contain 11g of protein per serving. When taken twice as recommended, this equals the 22g of protein, which is within the acceptable limits of protein, according to most nutritionists.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee program– surprised that this one got a 30-day money back guarantee? Its just a show of quality from Idealshape LLC that they had an understanding of what the health and fitness consumers need.

Convenience: There are varieties to choose from shake to bars, candy and you are ready to go.

50% Discount: On the official website you can click a tab called “Weekly Deals” that offers some pretty cool discount – some up to 50% off.

IdealShape Side Effects

side-effects of casein

There is nothing that poses any health risk on this supplement, as so long as dieters stick to the recommended servings to get the maximum nutritional value. However, this does not rule out the following facts;

Some consumers have claimed that the product is thin. A handful of complaints surfaced regarding the lack of thickness in some shakes. A consumer even reported using flax seeds to thicken it up.

Lack Complete Info – one common question from buyers of this shake is, why is there no complete information on the lesser described ingredients specifically Vitamin K, manganese, selenium, copper, chromium, and choline, plus it only has 3 percent of your daily potassium intake. So it’s nutritious, but it doesn’t provide complete nutrition.

It is still pretty low in net carbs (half the carbs are fiber) and pretty low in fat. So if you think you have found the best meal replacement, you will want to rethink again. The RDI for fat intake is about 45 to 80 grams, there are just 2.5 grams in IdealShake.

As far as questionable ingredients go, this contains the artificial sweetener sucralose, it has milk and soy, plus it’s processed on equipment that processes dairy, soy, wheat, peanuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, and tree nuts. Inulin, on the other hand, may cause people to pass gas; burp and fart, a bit more than usual. The gas comes because of probiotic bacteria eating up the inulin.

weight loss supplements and meal replacement shakes use soy protein isolate as an appetite suppressant. However, recent research has indicated the harm that comes with prolonged consumption of this ingredient, linking it with dangerous health conditions like thyroid and immune system complications.

Idealshake Price

You can pick up one tub of 30 servings for about $50, so you can expect to pay between $1.50 and $1.75 per scoop. That’s moderately priced for a meal replacement shake. Note that the price decreases if you sign up for a subscription program. Buy From Here

Idealshake Taste

I tried the Vanilla flavor and it was pleasant with water, though very sweet when mixed with milk or yogurt. A milder flavor would have been more versatile, but it does make for a drink that goes pretty well with water.

Ideal Shake Before And After Reviews

Ideal Shape before and after

See More Idealshape Before and after Here

One consistent complaint from consumers on Idealshape is the shake’s flavor. Many consumers have complained in some health forums on how thin the shake flavor is, while some in the same pack either taste the same or a bit less than the other. A customer said it was more of drinking a slightly thicker version of water. Some opted to mix the shakes with other beverages, for example, coconut milk that thickened the shakes. Others added flax seeds to get an extra bit of healthy fats in the end.

Despite this, it still comes down to personal taste and your preference. More importantly, all the high-quality nutrients coming from protein, vitamins, and minerals included in the shake tend to make up for supplement’s lack of consistency.

Great product that works! – Many users cited losing around 5 pounds within the first 2 to 3 weeks of consuming the supplement. After that period, further results appeared to be dependent upon whether the person exercised or not.

Excellent Meal Replacement– Individuals, who kept off from exercises but continued to drink the shakes in place of one or two meal throughout the day, still lost some extra weight, although at a slower rate. By replacing one meal a day with a package of Ideal Shape shakes, lasted approximately a fortnight.

Works with Exercises– Individuals who exercised in addition to drinking the shakes seemed to shed more weight at a more rapid pace, around 3-4 pounds every week. One dieter even reported losing a total of 19 pounds in only six weeks.

Ease of Use with Guaranteed Results– By following the instructions of use, as recommended; two scoops per shake guaranteed users of weight loss in a short period.

Fairly Priced– I have been using Ideal Shape shakes for a little over a year now. Ideal Shape shakes are well priced and they are yummy!

The Takeaway

To begin with, the natural ingredients and the impact they have on the body, make some sense when it comes to providing individuals with some nutrition. Fibre and protein help in building leaner muscles while also promoting digestive health. People often mention that they could not drink this shake, due to the lack sweet taste from the sweeteners. Despite complaints on the thinness of this product, less sugar goes a long way into reducing the potential of damaging to overall health. Slendesta when combined with eating fewer calories and of course a good workout program, users are assured of healthy weight loss. For the person who does that, I think Ideal Shape is the perfect supplement.

The main things I liked about this product is the fact that it isn’t too low in carbs, it’s got a good amount of nutrition, it’s tasty with water, it’s satiating, and it contains digestive enzymes. I would have liked some probiotics and a few more minerals, and the artificial ingredients and allergens may turn some consumers off. But if those factors aren’t a concern to you, you’ll be pretty happy with this nutritious, though very low calorie shake.

In comparison with the other meal replacement shakes we have reviewed so far, we have to say that Ideal Shape shakes are our favorites.

While they’re not as cheap as purchasing meal replacement shakes from discount grocery stores, they’re still cheaper than competitors who don’t offer the same amount of quality as Ideal Shape.

The combination of having a good flavor profile, the ability to blend and mix well with a variety of ingredients, and the substantial amount of protein, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals gives us the confidence to recommend Ideal Shape shakes to anyone committed to losing weight and getting in better shape.

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Is IdealShape Healthy?

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The high number of nutrients; vitamins and minerals, enzymes, fiber content, and proteins make this weight loss shake healthy. However, dieters should be keen not to replace much of the food they consume on a daily basis as replacing food, wholly, with this supplement, is not healthy.

Additionally, Ideal Shape Shake will curb hunger for approximately 3 hours. Nevertheless, the amount of time is dependent on the dieter’s metabolism, physical activity, and other similar factors. Clinical studies have shown that those taking this supplement without participating in any physical exercises stayed fuller than individuals who engaged in physical activities on a daily basis. This makes Ideal Shape shakes have one of the longest appetite suppression periods.

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