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What Is Strength Endurance Training?

Strength endurance training is a type of workout sessions for bodybuilders who want to increase their muscle growth exercise. … Endurance training or Strength training is a type of exercise that is meant for men and women of all ages, which necessarily do not mean you have to use weights to engage in strenuous type of weight lifting poseworkout. As you mature in age, your muscle mass starts to naturally decline. Whats important is that no matter your age, if you indulge in any form of endurance training it will help you reverse your loss

Benefits Of Strength Endurance Training

I remembered back some years when I just started working out and I was telling friends about how I enjoyed doing it but some of the responses weren’t always encouraging, they will rather I focus on real sports like playing football and so which led me to the conclusion that a few people know that weight lifting can be beneficial

There are a lot of benefits from exercising, better mood, stress relieves, reduction of chronic diseases but its not about the negatives right now because there are only specific benefits you can get while lifting weight…

Did you know that….

The most obvious one and the reason why most people start weightlifting is muscle growth. Weight lifting if done right is the best activity to guarantee muscle growth. Professional athletes who played American football and other main factors like boxers they end up lifting weight in the gym. They don’t get that big doing their sport but even for non-athletes, muscle growth is a goal to pursue in my opinion


Because some of the time we all get judged by our appearance…like it or not.

It’s just a fact!

A businessman once confessed to spending over $150,000 on great looking clothes to look better in the process heweight lifting clothes generated over $690,000 in extra business that year.

Muscles in your body have a similar effect either you are a man or woman. It betters your posture and tells people you have confidence in your body. But muscles are not only great for improving your social life, muscles can also help you lose fat.

They are a living tissue inside the body and the little tissue needs nutrition and care. This boosts your metabolism and makes you eat more food without gaining weight.

Its about 100 calories everyday of every 10kg of muscle mass which really isn’t that much but….

Its like a peanut butter toast every day and I don’t think there are many people who do say no to a peanut butter toast unless they cannot open the peanut butter jar. This is not just a problem for women alone this is often also a problem for men. You may not starve but you can open a jar

Can Weight Lifting Build Your Muscle Growth?

Weight lifting can build your strength gain, therefore it will save you time and save your pride. But weight lifting will not only protect your pride,it will also protect your body in general.  muscles along with bones and joints are the foundation of your body. They are important for your stability and movement. And in weightlifting you are not only training your muscles..you are also training the bones and joints too.

where are the muscles attach In your body?…

At your bones.That’s a reason professional athletes lift weights.

It will not only make them stronger or make them look better it will also make them suffer less injuries. Also you may be interested to want to prevent osteoporosis in your old age or preventing your bones from breaking when doing sport.

Weight lifting can be beneficial for everyone. Muscles will help your appearance and confidence and will help your weight loss and strength gain and will also prevent you from injuries when doing sport,

Strength Training For Kids

With the recent obesity epidemic among children parents are getting worried and are looking for ways to help their children… and the solution is controversial…strength training for kids

Dr. Simeon Gomez a professor of sport was asked in a NBC interview hosted by Jonathan Bowler if kids could lift weight weight lifting for kidsor do other types of adult sports

aside from many adult sports exercise program, strength training build muscles, of course, but also burn calories, increases bone density, and warring osteoporosis and has a number of other health and psychological benefits.

So Why is Weight Lifting Controversial For Kids Especially When Many of Them Are Over Weight?

According to Dr. Gomez one frustrating myth in medicine is “kids cannot lift weight“. That’s not true!

Kids lift weight as young as 7 years of age!

The key is: it has to be done correctly.

Kids should lift lighter weights with more repetition. The key is doing it in a supervised way with an adult supervision and doing it properly.

A renowned strength trainer in his recent book decrscibe “Why and How Of Safe Weight Training For Kids” and he practices what he preach with his 9 year old Georgia who felt the benefits.

But What About Other Athletic Activities Like Distance Running?weight lifting for fat lose

This day’s kids tend to focus on just 1 sport and practices it over and over again, a repetitive type of activities that might lead to overuse type of injuries (any same kind of repetitive motion, the same exact way, same exact time can cause injuries to muscles to bones and most importantly to growth rate)

But done correctly, athletics are some of the sport kids can best do. They feel better, and they are strong in their sport.

And one more thing kids should do when they exercise and that is stretching. That keeps ligaments and joints loosen and make their bones and muscle to grow normally. All which help to control weight, improve self esteem and confidence…

Its kind of a win-win for kids and adults.

Which Supplement Do I Need To Build Muscle And Lose Fat

There are enough supplements on the market to make your head spin and unfortunately, not ALL are of high quality and many of them are totally unnecessary. In an effort to keep you from wasting your money on supplements you just don’t need and to get you the best result possible here are some few guides to help you decide.

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Are you interested in supplements?

Before we start, I have to bring up a misconception about supplements in general that many people have especially the beginners. Many people believe that taking a certain supplement will give you some kind of insane edge and all you just have to do is find the 1 supplement… and bang! Results will just come pouring in

This is one perfect opportunity for supplement companies to pitch you one product after another as that elusive magical supplement that in reality you don’t need

I want you to know that you can be someone who never took a supplement in your life and you can get way farther than someone who took supplements all the time. That’s because success with building muscles and burning fat comes down to the intensity of your workout and proper nutrition tactics

Proven Weight Gain Supplements That Actually Work And Are Effective

Supplements are only a tiny of your results. With that said, supplements can be used to take advantage of that pre jymtiny push that they can give you, the problem that I hope to take away in this guide is that there are tons of supplements out there while really there are only a couple of them that actually work and that are actually effective

The first supplement that can help and its probably the most widely used supplement is protein powder. It may be hard for you to get enough protein out of the diet and supplementation with protein powder can really definitely help you hit your macros. Its also great to have protein powder after a workout or when you are on the go.

There are different type of  protein supplement products on the internet that you might want to buy, but I really like Pre Jym. The Pre JYM Scientifically Advanced All in 1 Formula is one of a kind supplement specifically designed to fuel individuals for their pre workouts. It’s an extremely efficient method to boost athletic performance and assist you on your trip to bodily perfection. Read more review on Pre Jym Here

Body Fortress Supplements For Beginners

Body fortress whey protein powders are considered one of the best pre workout supplement for weight

body fortress super advanced whey protein side effect

watchers. Its a supplement that helps you with the nutrients and protein to improve muscle growth and lessen recovery time.

It’s an affordable protein supplement which should still nourish your muscles while still being much easier on your pocket.

These readily digested proteins allow your body to absorb them quicker, rebuilding your muscles in the shortest possible time.

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Supplements That Gives Superb Energy You Need

Next stop is your stimulants and the supplements that give you energy such as nitric oxide, caffeine vitamin B,fat burner supplement

Nitric oxide will help give you a great pump during your workout and will also give you a bunch of energy and will squeeze out those last couples of abs. NO2-MAX wll help you recover faster between your sets by decreasing fatigues. rapidly increases blood flow to a high geared, longer lasting workout. …… caffeine and vitamin B are the supplements you take before workout as well.

Most good pre-workout supplements will include the combination of these in one supplement. The trick with making sure your pre-workout supplement stays effective and continue giving you energy is to not overuse it.

I have point where I was taking pre workout supplement before everyone of my workout and what happens is that you start to become kind of dependent on the pre workout supplement to just get a good regular workout in.

Of course, supplement company wants you to believe that you should take it before everyone of your workout but I think that is a less effective way to use a pre-workout. To get the best effect from your pre workout supplement, you should only take them once, maybe twice a week during the workout in which you want to really work on increasing your work load on intense level and breaking some personal records.

My favorite pre workout supplement has been the same for a very long time. NO2-MAX  pre workout supplement from CrazyBulk always do the trick for me

Top Recommended Cutting Supplements To Burn Fat

The last two supplement I want to talk about and I recommend are for when you are on a cut and you are trying to burn fat and minimizing muscle loss. BCAA’s are Branch Chain Amino Acids and L-Glutamine will help spare muscle tissues during a calorie deficit

Everyone that has lowered their fat percentage to a pretty low level has run into a problem of at least losing a little bit of muscle mass in the process. This is inevitable but we can do our very best to prevent this as much as possible

If you are already taking a protein powder then BCAA and L-Glotamin are already included in that powder, for that reason the only time you need more is when you are cutting calories. My favourite brand for both of these once again is from crazybulk company and they are pretty cheap too

That’s it guys, those are the only supplement nutrition that you really need. You may be wondering why I did not talk about fat burners, the answer to that is that for the most part they are very unhealthy for you and can cause a bunch of different problems.

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Green Tea Formula Best Alternative To Fat Burner Supplement

Garcinia Cambogia extract is an extraction of Garcinia Cambogia fruit. This is a tropical Garcinia green leafy plant (has the size of a grapefruit, and a greenish-yellowish color when unripe, then orange-reddish when matured.) that is commonly found close to fertile river banks in some part of subtropical Southeast Asia, Kerala, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Burma, Ceylon, and in west-central Africa. This pumpkin like fruit according to research has a massive historical evidence as an appetite suppressant go-to plant.

New evidence recently circulated online reveals that Garcinia Cambogia extract are medically proven weight loss supplement. Science uncovered an active ingredient within its properties to work against weight gain and this little discovery has raised this little-known fruit to a commercial success prompting many nutritional companies to start making this supplement available for users everywhere in the world.

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