14 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Can’t Stop Drinking Milk Before Bed…

milk before bed

milk before bed

Milk has all the nutritional content that is very beneficial to the body. If you want to look healthier all the time, drinking milk before bed regularly will not only help you to sleep like a newly born baby but also help you to promote weight gain.  Drinking a glass or two of low-fat milk before heading to bed is beneficial especially if you participate in endurance workouts.

Although the habit of drinking milk before bed is not as common as we used to have it back then, it still remains one of the best ways to help your body to relax after a long hard day of workout. Interestingly, it is during your sleep that your body gets to recover and repair damaged tissues. Listed below are 15 benefits of drinking milk before bed:

Simple Fact On Milk For Bodybuilders

Milk Can Promote Weight Gain

If your intake of calorie is greater than what you burn daily you definitely will gain weight. A recent study conducted on kids age between 9 – 14 years, which was published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine shows that additional calories in the range of 3 or more contributed to weight gain in these kids. The extra calories have been responsible for the children’s growth in body mass index, no particular qualities from the milk.

How Much Milk to Beverage to Gain Weight

An 8-ounce serving of 2% milk contains 122 calories. To drink milk before bed to boost your daily intake by 500 calories and gain 1 pound each week, you would need to consume between 5 and 4 cups daily. Boost the calorie content by mixing every glass of milk using non-fat dry milk powder — a 1/4 cup adds yet another 109 calories and also make 1 cup equivalent to about 230 calories.

If you stick to only 1 8-ounce serving of milk fortified Using 1/4 cup of dry milk powder, you will gain a pound every 15 days or so. If you do not include the powder It’ll take you in about a month to gain a pound by including a cup of milk before bed each night, presuming you do not make any additional modifications to your diet plan.

Milk for a Means to Boost Muscle Gain

Gaining weight by muscle is more preferable to gaining extra fat tissue. To promote muscle gain, do endurance workouts as well as increase your caloric consumption. Target the major muscle groups at least twice a week with a single set of exercises which make you fatiqued in 8 to 12 repetitions. Add weight and sets as you become more stronger.

In a 2007 version of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a study demonstrated that consuming nonfat milk one hour after exercise promote higher muscle growth in the first phases of resistance training compared to soy or supplements. The milk has been consumed an hour after exercise, maybe not right before bed, but if you train later in the afternoon, it might help fortify your gains.

A 2012 dilemma of Medicine and Sport Science published yet another Study demonstrating that ingestion of milk and other dairy products helped women gain lean mass and maintain bone whilst shedding unwanted body fat. Again, consuming the dairy protein directly after exercise has been key in boosting those outcomes. You cannot be too sure that milk before bed will create the muscle-building effects for training done a few hours before.

Additional Weight Gain Plans

Whole milk contains more calories than low-fat versions, as it offers somewhat more saturated fat in every cup (2 grams in whole milk versus 5 grams in 2-percent milk). Even when you’re underweight, you are still vulnerable to the effects of bad dietary choices. Overconsuming saturated fats may raise your risk of heart disease, according to the American Heart Association.

Avoid sweetening the milk with strawberry or chocolate syrup to make it more tasty. The extra sugar isn’t a good source of calories. Make the milk into a smoothie using a banana and a scoop of whey protein powder, or put in a tsp of honey if you require a change of taste. The smoothie will include additional healthy calories, also.

Instead of just using milk before bed to gain weight, think about adding more calories in other times of the day also. Reach for an extra snack like a couple of nuts or a bowl of granola cereal. Boost calories in meals like olive oil, sunflower seeds, an extra serving of protein, whole-grain bread, nut butter or butter.

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Benefits Of Drinking Milk Before Bed To Gain Weight


1. Helps Relax the Body While Sleeping

Milk as a beverage has in it a substance called tryptophan, which when consume is turned to another substance called melatonin. Melatonin hormone when released in the body has the ability to make you sleep during the night. This substance helps your body to relax while sleeping, so drinking milk before bed is one of the best natural medication recommended to people suffering from insomnia

Among the components of milk is, amino acid known as tryptophan. These amino acids are able to calm the nerves. this vital amino acid has a very sleep-inducing effect.

2. Gain Weight

Parents trust their children to develop quicker when given milk regularly, especially if they think the child is underweight. This is also true of adults. To gain weight easily, consuming milk because of the calcium properties inside not only helps you to gain weight naturally but also improves your appetite.34. Provide Energy In The Morning

They are benefits to drinking milk after bed just like we have when you drink milk before bed. When sleeping, the body undergoes different phases of healing and repair and the milk you drink the night before might not be enough to power you through the next day. Therefore taking 1 glass of milk early the next morning will not only give your body the needed refreshment but will also provide it with some nutrients the body needs to work during the day.

4. Reduce Appetite in Night

Some people have the habits to eat during the night. Called the ‘night crave’ in fact, this night crave is the genesis of most diseases. When you eat at night, you probably will find it much more difficult to go back to sleep and you might probably lay awake all night.

Drinking milk before bed will maintain your stomach to be full during sleep as it provides you with lots of protein and minerals that will aid your sleeping peacefully

5. Runs the digestive tract and its function

Do you have digestion problem like constipation and other kinds of disorder? Take milk. During sleep, there are some active intestine with you that needs to be supported with milk. Drinking milk before bed helps this gastro intestinal tracts to work properly so you wont have to worry about any digestive issues.

6. Prevent Bowel Cancer

There is a malignant tumor called adenoma responsible for inducing intestinal problems like the bowel cancer. Adenoma is a very serious tumor found within the intestinal areas. To prevent such tumor from developing, many people has resulted to the use of drinking milk before bed. Milk is filled with calcium and calcium is very effective in fighting against such tumors like adenoma.

So its advisable to drink milk before going to bed so as to prevent the occurrence of adenoma malignant tumor

7. Avoid Osteoporosis

Looking for ways to stop bone disorder or correct unhealthy bones? Drinking milk before bed is the answer. Milk contain a high source of calcium and calcium in the right amount can help prevent osteoporosis (bone illness)

Thus, to get stronger bones and to stay away from the risk of osteoporosis drink milk every day before bed. Along with osteoporosis, other bone disorders such as bone loss or bone cancer may be avoided during its development.

8. Reduce Stress during menstruation

Painful feeling during menstruation Is often felt by girls. Dependent on the outcomes of study conducted by Dr.Jacobs, a high quantity of calcium in women that are menstruating can reduce around 48 percent of their menstrual pain.

The study concluded that to stop the menstrual pain from getting severe eating milk before bed on a regular basis should do the trick. The magnesium found in milk can help lessen the pain.

9. Strengthen the condition of teeth and bones

Milk is quite rich in calcium. This Simple Fact is certainly undoubted. Humans also have teeth and bones which are in desperate need of the calcium nutrient.

Regrettably, drinking milk Isn’t a habit that lots of men and women do. Whereas, the adequacy of calcium can help you to recover from fractures which you experience in case you’ve injury. That is just one of a few cases.

And if you are hoping to keep your teeth for a very long time, eating calcium everytime is recommended

10. Moisturizes Dry Skin

Dry skin will make your skin to get dull and that might not be a good sight fo the eye. one natural way to revive your moist and healthy skin to shine would be to eat milk frequently before bed. Consumption of milk before bed can enhance the functioning effectiveness of lactic acid.

Lactic acid Is a Sort of acid good at reviving dead skin. This perfectly removes dead skin and can make your skin appear fuller and not as dull just like before.

Besides lactic acid, milk also has anti-oxidant properties. Anti oxidant content are material which could also boost the body’s metabolism. The classification of nutrition and also the spread of nourishment is equally influenced by how regular you eat milk.

11. Boost Female Fertility

Girls frequently have difficulty in conceiving. In reality, one natural way to enhance a woman’s fertility skill is to eat milk frequently before bed. High-fat milk particularly the ones people consumed in high quantities can lower your risk of infertility. Impaired ovulation or fertility is a disorder which may be treated by milk content. Consuming milk may diminish infertility up to 25%.

12. Last Longer Within Your Body

Pangs of hunger are able to keep anyone up at night! Milk contains a Sort of protein that’s known as casein protein. The casein protein is a slow digesting protein that could last longer to satisfy our body’s requirement until the next day. A glass of milk is full of protein and drinking before going to sleep can allow you to feel full all day , leading to a better night’s sleep.. If you would like to gain weight it doesn’t mean you need to eat everything at night time.

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13. Promote Muscle Mass Growth

Gaining weight with all the growth of your muscles is exactly what everyone desired because it’s a whole lot better than gaining weight in the instance of your fat loss. A study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition at 2007 state that consuming milk after your exercise, not right before bed may promote your muscles to develop larger than any other meals. This is a great choice if you do before bed workout.

14. Raise Your Calorie Intake

We know that there’s a calorie consumption for all daily needs, and It’s different for each and every body. The satisfaction of these calories is what’s going to influence whether you’re likely to grow along with your weight today or much more than that. Drinking milk before going to bed may help fulfill those requirements with great nutritional contents.

Side Effects Of Eating Milk Before Bed

side-effects of casein

The major benefits of drinking milk before bed include healthy proteins and amino acids which help the body in getting an entirely uninterrupted peaceful night’s sleep. So, does drinking milk before bed has side effects?

In case you have ever taken a glass of milk before bed and then experienced disrupted sleep due to an upset stomach, then you might have run into one of the major pitfalls of milk before bed – lactose.


Lactose is just a sugar in milk. It is what makes it taste Just slightly sweet, so satisfying, regrettably, as stated by the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse, about 30 million to 50 million Americans are lactose intolerant! If you fall into the class, drinking a glass of milk before bed will only give your body some discomfort. Digestive issues like bloating, gas, nausea and vomiting are simply part of discomforts brought on by lactose intolerance which could help keep you up at midnight.


Perhaps you’re sure that you aren’t lactose intolerant, but you are still having some discomfort during your sleep. So what is the cause? Because lactose is a sugar, considerable quantities of it before bed has additional consequences. If you’re glucose intolerant, a warm glass of milk before bed could result in a blood sugar crash.

Essentially, your body startling awake in the middle of the night, to an energy-deprived mind, delivering the “Eat!” signal. Wait… did not we talk milk assisting helping you feel complete through the night? Yes but, a person with a sugar intolerance will really have the opposite experience.

The point is, you have got to understand your body. If you’re conscious Of your own intolerance, you need to be able to forecast whether the lactose in milk is going to be a setback for you. Never fear! If you do not need to give up your every warm cup of milk, you will find yummy (lactose-free) choices. Coconut milk, almond milk, and nut milk are gaining popularity.

They’re delicious and nutritious! Best of all they supply The same positive sleep-inducing effects of cow milk, with no unwanted lactose effects.

Weight Gain

Are you on a diet or counting calories? A glass of milk before bed will put you back. Milk is really known at the fitness community circles as a broker for healthy weight gain. An 8-ounce glass of milk contains about 120 calories. Your metabolism slows down somewhat as you sleep, therefore calories absorbed before bed are somewhat tougher to burn off. If weight loss is your final goal, you will want to reconsider any milk before bed plan.

Liver functioning

One Final warning about using a warm glass of milk before bed is that it may interfere with your liver. Based on nutritionist Anju Sood, during the night, your liver is hard at work detoxing crap from the  body. Turns out milk may actually interfere with this process. Steer clear to allow your liver to perform its own nightly activity uninterrupted.

In Conclusion

There is a list of major benefits and drawbacks to drinking a warm cup of milk before bed. There is no doubt that milk provides numerous positive health benefits, while it’s consumed in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

It really boils down to understanding your body and paying attention to signs. In case you’ve got a racing, restless mind during the night, a glass of milk before bed might be a healthy, safer option to Taking Z-quill. However, if lactose or sugar is not your buddy, beware of those digestive problems that include a glass of milk at night.

When looking for really restful night’s sleep, it does not hurt to pursue all available options. A calming warm glass of milk before bed is a simple, inexpensive tip to test. Cheers to a fantastic night’s sleep!