5 Easy To Do Lower Ab Workouts – Complete Guide On Lower Ab Workouts For Men And Women

lower abs workout

ab workout at homeDo you know there a whole lot of lower ab workouts which you can perform to create the kind of waistline you so desire?. If you need to trim, tone or make your ab muscles to look perfect, then these lower ab workouts for men and women is an excellent option. The good thing about performing these ab workout  is that you dont need to pay for expensive gym memberships.

and right exercise is exactly what you need to good nutrition If you are tired of carrying around a few added pounds, a combination of lose weight and shape up

5 Easy Lower Ab Workouts With Fast Results

Ab workouts with machines

ab workout at home

There are different ab exercises you can perform in your home which will guarantee rapid results, here are a few that you can start doing at home if you’re interested in getting the superhero lower ab people crave for

1. Medicine Ball Workouts On Abs

ab workout at homeDoing an ab workout with medicine balls is one of the popular training routine you find in gyms and at home (if you have a medicine ball) for a complete medicine ball workouts on abs is one option to use

Here are 7 medicine ball workouts to perform at house

 – leg slam down

Stand on one leg and then hold the ball overhead. Bring down the ball  powerfully and toss it to the ground. Keep your core strong during the move.

 – Pullover crunch

Lie with the ball straight from your head. Lift your shoulders and lower back off the ground and bring down the ball before you.

– Reverse crunch

Hold the ball between your knees together with thighs vertically aligned. Stretch your knees towards your chest by lifting your buttocks off the ground. Pause at the peak of the movement and  slowly lower it to get started.

– Round body pass

Sit with your body leaning back and feets held off the ground. Keep that position when moving the ball around your body. Reverse the direction of the ball from time to time.

– Crunch throw

Hold the medicine ball from the chest. Twist your shoulders off the ground powerfully and toss ball to partner. Grab the ball and return slowly to begin.

– Russian Twist

Hold the ball with both hands and sit on the ground with knees bent 90 degrees and feet flat. Stretch your arms and Gently turn your body to your right. Twist to the left side. That is 1 rep.

– Toe Touch

Lie faceup holding ball overhead. Lift legs toward ceiling (so your body forms an L shape). Stretch arms and dip up, bringing ball and lifting back several inches off the floor. Be certain that you
contract abs and maintain neck and shoulders rested. Roll back down, letting the ball to softly arrive overhead. Return to beginning position. Do 8 to 12 reps.

Abs Workouts On Bench

ab workout at homeMany people doing bodybuilding are used to only using the ab bench for just doing sit-ups which are definitely great exercises to strengthen and flatten  your tummy.

But, there are lots of different ab workout on bench moves which are good and recommended for strengthening upper and lower abs, even your lower back. This way you can have a whole core workout
at home.

 – Decline bench crunch

Crunch is a timeless core exercise which we do on the ground. But by performing on a decline bench it becomes more efficient. It’s crucial to concentrate on the move and do it gradually raising your chest up. squeeze your ab muscles as possible, dont release them when you’re down. If you are feeling pain on your abs, this usually means you do it nicely.

– Decline sit ups

It’s a simple fact that sit-ups on the ground are good to strengthen your core. But, by utilizing a flexible ab seat, we could optimize the results because we could get harder immunity. A whole lot of trainees don’t utilize this equipment since they have pain in their lower back.

– Leg Raising on Bench

If you can’t do leg raising on a pull-up bar, you can certainly do it on the seat. As you lie to the seat your back and upper back is held, and also you may do the full assortment of
movement in a controlled manner.

– Seated Ab Crunch

Sitting on a flat seat, lean back and lift your feet up off the ground. Use your abs to pull your knees towards your shoulders and your shoulders towards your knees (both upper and lower body going).
Slowly return to beginning position. Focus is about the center abs.

Cable Ab Workouts

ab workout at home

The benefit of using the cable machine is that you can quickly change from one exercise to another and also alter the amount of weight that you use for resistance. Here are some cable ab workouts  you can do at home or in the gym

– Kneeling Cable Crunch

Pulley crunch has become the most famous exercise that targets your upper and lower abs efficiently. I believe, the best way to use is if you apply the cable, however if it’s unavailable, the bar is going to do too.

– Reputation Cable Wood Chop

The timber chop exercise for abs and oblique is a really favorable training,but doing the workpit requires practise. The pulley handles must be at about your hip degree. As you do the movement, you need to keep your back and arm directly, and if let the weight moving back gradually.

– Cable Push-Pull

On a cable-crossover machine, place the cable grips to chest height, then grab both handles and endure so you are facing one weight pile as well as your back is facing another pile. The front arm ought to be
extended forward and the back hand in your side. Gently punch forward with the back hand and then pull hand. Keep your shoulders and chest still.

Ab Workouts With Dumbbells


I feel the best abdominal exercises are the bodyweight ones, largely the variety of leg increases, but I think that it’s always gainful to bring some new kinds of moves into your abdominal exercise. In my experience, among the most powerful equipment for core training would be the ab workouts with dumbbells.

here are some ab workouts with  dumbbell to practice at home

– Dumbbell V-ups:

It works the upper and lower parts of the abs. You ought to keep your legs and upper body directly. Do the follow up variety of movement in order to stimulate the muscles economically.

– Dumbbell Swing

Hold a dumbbell in both hands. Bend from the hips to reduce the weight between your thighs, then push your hips forward to lift this up to shoulder height. Reverse back to the beginning.

– Dumbbell Side bend

Stand holding the dumbbell in 1 hand. Keeping your chest up, lower the pounds that can hit on your obliques. Complete each of the reps, then switch hands and repeat.

– Dumbbell Woodchop

Squat, holding the weight in the hands to one side. Lift it throughout your body to go elevation, then back down. Do all of the reps, then switch sides.

Ab Workouts With Bands

ewsistance band lower ab workout

This very simple physical fitness equipment may be utilised in lots of ways, and we all could enhance traditional core exercises like crunches, sit-ups or other people. The best the tool assists not only to strengthen ab muscles but also supports the stomach fat burning process since we could perform intensive workouts.

If you’re a gym goer, then you might have already employed the cable crossover machine for core training. Using a band, you can perform the very same motions

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