Girls With Muscle – Top Rated Muscle Babes Of All Time

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The international stage for female bodybuilders is getting tougher by the day. There are presently few notable girls with muscle that are currently competing for laurels in various bodybuilding categories. Getting in on the competition is a sure way to have their names engraved in the hall of fame for top rated muscle babes of all time. In this article, you will read extracts from the best women with muscle that has graced the international stage with their breath taking physiques and performance during their bodybuilding era.

Top Rated Muscle Babes Of All Time

Heather Armbrust

muscle babe - Heather Armbrust
muscle babes

Armbrust was born in 1977 and raised in Cozad, Nebraska. She became interested in becoming a muscle chicks at the age of 12 after being introduced to the local gym owner who happened to be a female competitor.

Heather Armbrust Bodybuilding career

In 2000 Heather got a new coach by the name Brian Crull an ex-NPC judge who tutored her for free. At that same year, she won two local women with muscle shows in Texas. At her debut at the national Level she came 2nd in the heavyweight category at the Junior Nationals, 4th at the USA and 5th at the Dallas National heavyweight competition. After 2 years of major competition, she was adjudge one of the top rated women heavyweight bodybuilder in the US. [1]

After many years in the bodybuilding sport, and having achieved success in many of the competitions, she retired from active sports due to injuries including personal problems that saw her through a divorce process, alcohol and drug abuse. She was one of the well acknowledge big muscle girl of her time

Sharon Leigh Bruneau

girl with muscle - sharon Bruneau
girls with muscle

Bruneau, a French-Canadian Métis, was born in the mining city of Timmins, Ontario.

She started off her career as a fashion model where she saw some levels of success until she was diagnosed with a case of pneumonia which saw her losing a lot of weight.

When she started her bodybuilding career back as a muscle chick, Sharon regained nearly her body weight back to about 50 pounds but had to cut back when she changed to doing fitness competition. [2]Bruneau was on the cover of Muscle & Fitness and Flex magazine for a long time .

Nicole Bass

girls with muscle
girls with muscle

Nicole Bass during her lifetime have worked for many companies including Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Federation and XPW as either an actress, a professional wrestler including playing the role of a wrestling valet. Until her death, she was a regular feature in the Howard Stern Show and also a fledging member of the Wack Pack

Bass had a long and exciting career as a huge muscle woman. Her bodybuilding career span from the early 80’s into the 90’s. And she was the winner of the 1997 NPC National Bodybuilding Championship.

On February 2017 she suffered a stroke and was confirmed brain dead by her Doctor.

Dayana Cadeau

women with muscle
women with muscle
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A descent of Haiti, Cadeau and her parents moved to Quebec when she was 7 years of age and grew to become a successful bodybuilder.

Presently, she holds the record as the most successful Canadian bodybuilder in the world. The only Canadian to ever win the Ms. Olympia lightweight championship. She also has 4 other pro title to her credit – lightweight at the Ms. International in 2001 and 2004, middleweight at the 2003 Jan Tana Classic, and lightweight at the Ms. Olympia in 2004.[3]

Bev Francis – The Huge Muscle Girl

muscle babes
muscle babes

Beverley Francis is an accomplished professional bodybuilder, powerlifter and Australian national shot put champion. In 1977, Beverley broke the Australian shot put record and she was a part of the Australian track and field team member from 1977 – 1979 and 1981-1982.

In 1980, Beverley held all world record in the 82.5kg i.e 182 lb weight class. She also set a world record at the 1981 World Powerlifting Championship where she became the first huge muscle girl to bench press 150kg that is about 330 lb weight. She also set a national record at the Australian Powerlifting Championship in Adelaide with a squat of 216 kg in the 82.5 kg class. She also won gold medals from 1980-1985 at the International Powerlifting Federation Championship in her weight class.

She was said to possess far more muscle strength than the most muscular muscle babes or any woman with muscle at that time.

Erika Geisen

girls with muscle
girls with muscle

Also from Australia, Geisen has a record to her credit of being the most successful Australian bodybuilder of all time by winning the Ms. International contest in 1986

Nikki Fuller

muscle babes
muscle babes

Fuller was born in Dayton, Ohio before migrating with her family to Gresham, Oregon. Fuller made her first competitive outing at the 1988 Novice Oregon and took the first position, she went to take the 3rd position at the Emerald cup in 1988 and in 1989 won Gold at the same competition. She turned pro when she won the heavyweight and overall title at the National Physique Committee Nationals in 1990.

Also during her professional career as a muscle babe, she came first at the 1992 Jan Tana Classic and came among the top 10 athletes at the Ms. Olympia and Ms. International contest.

She featured in a top bodybuilding cover book as a top female bodybuilder and from then signed a contract with Women Of Wrestling (WOW) where she continued to wrestle professionally under her brand name Nikki Fuller.

Jitka Harazimova

muscle babes
muscle babes

Jitka’s early school life saw her started as a volleyball and gymnastic athlete. Born in Prague in the Czech Republic Jitka Harazimova was considered during her active sport life as one of the few women with muscle at that time.

She debuted in her first major competition in 1993 at the Jr. Czech which saw her coming top of the pack. 1997 saw her attended her first professional show at the Ms. International where she came 4th. For a period of 7 years, Jitka took a break from active bodybuilding into concentrating on raising her family. When she returned from break, in 2005 the won Gold at the Charlotte Pro Heavyweight class and during the 2005 Ms. Olympi she came 4th.

Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia

women with muscle
women with muscle

Yaxeni is a professional bodybuilder and was born 3rd September 1966 as a Venezuelan- American. She is ranked as the 2nd best female bodybuilder in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and also among the Fitness Pro Women’s Bodybuilding list.

In 1993, Yaxeni had won 4 amateur contest and also won the Ibero Central American Championships which later saw her moving to the United States.

One of her noteworthy achievement as a professional girls with muscle is winning the Ms. Olypia title in 2005. Currently, she is considered the most successful Venezuelan muscle babe for winning the Ms. Olypia title. She also went on to win additional 5 Ms. International titles in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2012.

Ellen van Maris

women with muscle
women with muscle

Not much profile on this Dutch athlete except that Van Maris competed at the international and local levels in the Netherlands for 2 years before becoming a professional bodybuilder. She won the lightweight class at the Women’s World Amateur Championship in 1984. In 2004, Maris got inducted into the IFBB Hall Of Fame for coming second behind Cory Everson at the Ms. Olympia contests.

Lenda Murray

muscle babes
muscle babes

Lenda Murray born February 22 1962 started her bodybuilding career in 1985 when she competed at the Ms. Michigan Championships where she came 4th. From then on, she rose through the ranks of women with muscle and soon started winning contest both at the local and National level and in 1989 she became a professional bodybuilder when she entered for the IFBB North American Championships.

At the 1990 Ms. Olympia Championship she won Gold after defeating the likes of six time champion Cory Everson and also went on to defeat Bev. Francis to become the Ms. Olympia Champion a tile she held on to tight ly for about six years 1990-1995.

Lenda had to leave the muscle babe stage due to retirement only to return after four years later. On her return, she won two more Ms. Olympia titles in 2002 and 2003. Overall Linda Murray had won a total of eight Ms. Olympia title with two professional win in her weight class. She is considered one of the greatest muscle babe of all time second only to Iris Kyle.


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