Brandon Carter’s Steroid Allegation – Is Brandon Carter on Steroids?

Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter

Who Is Brandon Carter? As a self-made millionaire Brandon Carter has transformed thousands of people’s physiques all over the world through his best-selling fitness books. A personal trainer, entrepreneur, best-selling author and fitness model, Brandon carter has modelled for the top sport brands including Nike, Adidas, Puma to mention just a few.

But, one question that the bodybuilding and fitness community continue to throw about on forums and social networking sites is, if Brandon Carter ripped and shredded body is as a result of using steroids or is his body as a manifestation of years of hard work and good genetics?

Brandon Carter’s Look and Stats:

  • Height: 6ft 2
  • Weight: 190lbs
  • BF percentage: 8%

Going by Brandon’s personal look and stats, at 6ft 2, and with 190lbs it looks like Brandon weight and height is normal. If you are on steroid, and with a height of Brandon’s you should be pretty heavier. Bodybuilders taking steroid carry a significant amount of muscle weight plus a pack load of water weight (about 10-20lbs of fluid is considered normal for steroid user during a cycle.)

Brandon Steroid Allegation

In a recent video upload on YouTube, Brandon has finally come out to address this nagging question about his body transformation and if it’s as a result of taking steroid. His video finally put an end to the news flying all around the internet.

But a quick reminder…In the past bodybuilders have tried to deceive the public about ever taking steroid, so in Brandon’s case, we can only hope and make conclusion from his personal profile from his early age to present, that way, we can at least have an understanding about his gains and if it was truly as a result of taking steroid or a result of years of hard work.

Brandon Carter’s Profile

In his YouTube video, Brandon admits to dealing in drugs while he was still in his teenage years. According to his confession, he said he has always wanted to be a millionaire and therefore selling drugs (he thought) was the ideal way to achieve his dream of a lucrative lifestyle.

This was the #1 clue to Brandon’s early life and how he lived; comparing with other celebrities who have steroid problems we can say that they were also introduced into steroid at an early age just like Brandon.

We saw the same with Alistair Overreem when he got busted before a major heavyweight title match. We also witness Sly Stallone when he was busted by the Australian Border Police for trying to smuggling HGH into the country. So if in any way you are also connected with drugs, it’s likely you are also using it.

Although Brandon’s early life and the way he lived pointed to drugs, it’s by no means a verdict that he actually was taking steroid. so we continue with the investigation…

Brandon’s Gains Timeline

Brandon Carter at 16

Apart from history of users, other ways to know if someone is taking steroid is by checking their gain

of himself floating around the internet when he was just 16 years of age. This picture was able to give insight into Brandon’s timeline gains for many years and was able to help us to see if there were any abnormalities in his growth.

timeline. Fortunately for Brandon, he has a picture

This picture really gave a good insight into how Brandon looks while he was 16, At sixteen Brandon was already jerked and which is quite abnormal for a guy of his age this makes people to believe that Brandon must probably got exceptional genetics.

By 2012, Brandon Carter was already used to doing intense workout at home. According to him, he’s workout was merely to keep him fit and he wasn’t interested in getting big. He said he just wanted to be “a lean P90x fitness guy” not some big muscle macho.

However, after 2012, the world witnessed a major transformation on Brandon’s Carters physique…

Two Year Transformation

In the first picture Brandon’s 175lbs, and in the second picture he’s 190lbs.

This is a gain of just 15lbs in 2 years.

Why Brandon’s Sudden Body Transformation?

Prior to his sudden body transformation, we know carter was only doing his workouts at home because he couldn’t maintain a gym membership, but after 2012, he joined a gym and he started training like a bodybuilder – Lifting heavy weights and with good nutrition Brandon was able to experience typical newbie’s gain adding additional 15lbs of lean mass to his shape.

Reaching 15lbs of body mass is a normal gain for newbie’s who’s been training hard. If assuming he suddenly blew up to 15lbs without any workout that would be suspicious and it will point to steroid use because newbies don’t get such gains suddenly.

After this gain, no other major gains were noticed on Brandon since 2014 so his gain timeline definitely did not show any unnatural gains nor did it indicate the use of steroid at any time. If Brandon did took steroid his gain would be more than the 15lbs recorded but 50+lbs of weight gain!

Brandon Carter’s Body Composition

Also there are noticeable symptoms on bodybuilders who are on steroid, such as

  • Acne
  • Steroid gut
  • Gyno
  • Exceptional traps/deltoids
  • Prominent vascularity etc

Looking at Brandon’s body, there is nothing which indicates any of these above steroid symptoms

The only noticeable trait of likely steroid use by Brandon was on his facial and abs. The face and ab section was noticeably smoother compared to while he was still modelling for his sport brands. its like there is water retention in those areas. But after going through his diet and nutrition plan, water retention could also be a symptom of intermittent fasting, which according to close associate are Brandon’s lifestyle all year round.

It’s important to know that the water on Brandon was not like what you would have noticed on someone who is on steroid. Brandon’s case was just a little bit of water, not the kind of fluid retention/bloat associated with steroid users on cycle.

According to expert Brandon’s case might be caused by cortisol rise. When you don’t eat for a period of time, the cortisol level will rise and when this happens, it leads to water retention. This is what expert says likely happened to Brandon.

One reason why people believe Brandon is on steroid is because of his ‘all year round’ lean muscle. They believe that someone who’s lean all year round must probably be on steroid. This question brings to light the understanding of many on what they know about nutrition.

If you want to stay lean 365 days – all year round, then you need to cultivate the ‘Dont Overeat’ habit. It just that simple!

It’s not difficult to stay ripped for long periods of time, if you know what you’re doing.

The hardest part to every bodybuilding plan is getting ripped. Although it might seem impossible to maintain 4% BF without adding some fat, but on Brandon’s case, he only had 8% BF which is quite easy to maintain

So staying lean and maintaining BF of 4-8% is very doable to a newbie especially those who know what he’s doing and who has willpower. And if you don’t, you might really struggle to maintain a lean body all year round.

Is Brandon Carter Taking Steroid?

Based on all relevant stat and data, we can confidently say that Brandon Carter is clean and does not use steroid. His gain timeline did not reveal any abnormal gain growth during his teenage and professional career, he was not showing any symptoms of someone on steroid and from his picture we can notice that by age 16 he was already jerked before ever going to the gym. this could mean that he has exceptional genetic gift.

Do you like to look like Brandon Carter without taking steroid? if yes, the chances of you getting such good body could be very slim because you likely dont have the same genetic qualities like Brandon has.

If you have weaker gene, it means you still has lots of bulking up and putting up more weight to do, so if you know your gene is not as active as that of Brandon, your getting ripped might take a while longer than what it took Brandon. and on the flip side, it still does not mean taking steroid can equal Brandon carters physique, you might take steroid and not look anywhere near as good as Brandon’s ripped physique

Genetics, nutrition and training will always be the biggest factors when it comes to building muscle.