Complete Guide To Back Fat Workout – How To Lose Bra Fat Fast

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Do you know that, most celebrities you see on TV’s and movies also have some trouble spot on their bodies – just like us everyday people! And Just like many of us have trouble making our back fat go away, so also do some of these celebrities have trouble keeping their bra fat in check. The age-old question on how to lose back fat still lingers on and is still an almost impossible question to answer for both the regular guy and also the celebrities.

If it’s possible to just do some few push-ups and eat some certain Mediterranean diet, then I guess everybody would have had a way to eliminate the ugly excess fat at their back.  Unfortunately, this is not the case. In this complete guide to back fat exercises, you will read practical and science backed information to get rid of your upper, middle and lower back fat including what causes it and what sort of exercises to get rid of theses ugly fats.

Are you ready to say bye-bye to your body fats and feel more confident about your body? Here are some tips to get you started.

What Causes Back Fat

When you have excess fat in your body, the tendency to have difficulty with your shirt size becomes very obvious. When you have excess accumulation of fat, and you are no more comfortable with your bra and shirt size this can be a pointer that you are on the binge of getting overweight or already overweight.

Although causes of this bra bulge (another name for back fat) could be genetics but most culprits for these conditions are mainly lack of proper physical activity and bad diet.

Science Backed Information

According to science, our body comprises of different hormones responsible for the general wellbeing  of the body including the way our food is digested, how we feel in some particular days, and most especially how we look. Also every hormone in the body is responsible for a particular set of responsibility although some hormones work together to produce a common effect.

The cortisol hormone is one hormone that is well known for stress related issues. The hormone is produced when the body undergoes some certain level of stress. When stress is detected in the body, the cortisol hormone fights it and tries to lower its effect. At times, the stress level might overpower the hormone even when immense level of cortisol is produced; in this case, such stress can cause many problems including body health issues.

Other hormones like leptin – feeling full and not hungry are effects caused by stress as well

Stress is one health related problem that causes damage to the body. This is the reason why Doctors will recommend less stressful activities to weight lose patients.  Stress affects many hormones that control weight and satiety including where fat is stored in the body.

Practical Backed Information

Sedentary Lifestyle

If you are very fond of sitting in one position most of the day and perform minimal physical activities, this could be bad for you and its called a sedentary or inactive lifestyle. If you don’t use your body fuel sources correctly, your body is likely to suffer from reduced metabolism and you will gradually accumulate weight. Your body needs to burn any stored sugar found within your storage system and when that is missing, it then uses your body fat as fuel source.

Nutritional Lifestyle

Think of what you consume every day. What sorts of food or drink do you take and where is the source? Do you take processed foods that are laden with addictive and preservatives or do you take foods from natural sources? If you consume foods that comes in packages or fast-foods then you are loading your body with junk foods. These types of foods are high in fat, calories, carbohydrates, sodium and added sugar.

Although your body needs these types of foods to perform, however, it shouldn’t use as much of these high level concentration that these foods come with. Such foods laden with high calories, fat, and sugar are mostly the causes of back fat.

Exercises to Get Rid Of Back Fat And Bra Overhang with Pictures

If you are worried about your back fat and bra overhang, here is what you need to know – There are many people just like you facing the same ugly problem. The good news is that, there are many exercises to get rid of your back fat and such exercises are what you need to start doing.

Although, many people try to ignore the fact that they have a bra overhang because such problems can easily be covered up with clothes, still you need some targeted back exercises that will blast away your back fat fast.

Losing weight from your back is not that easy as we can’t just decide where in particular our body’s need to lose weight. If you are planning to shed weight you need to target some muscle group so that the food you eat can be converted from calorie to muscle. This is the only time that you can see significant gain in your fight against losing weight.

To get started with blasting away your bra fat, here are 10 very easy to do back fat workouts that can strengthen your back muscles and transform your body fast.



Before you engage in any exercises listed below, it is recommended to warm up your body in order to avoid any sort of injury. This is a prerequisite to getting the best out of your workout routine. Remember also, we are trying to work on the upper, mid and the lower back. These exercises will touch on these three areas.

1. Pull-Ups

pull up

This workout is considered as one of the most difficult upper back workout as it involves using lots of back strength for achieving good result.  However, it is one of the most effective exercises to burn unwanted excess fat. The key to becoming better at doing this workout is to consistently practice regularly. If you find it difficult to do this exercise as a first timer, don’t give up because many people you see who are doing it comfortably also started just like you are about to.

You need to find a way to make this exercise more comfortable so that in no time you also can move gradually to the full-on, palms-away pull-ups that you’re seeing people do. In fact, you could be very lucky if your gym has an assisted pull up machine with a gym assistant to help you navigate on using it properly.

2. Push-Ups

push ups

Another great exercise to master is the push-ups. Although this may take time to master correctly, it is commonly associated with chest muscle but also works wonderfully well with your back muscles too.

The best way to see gains with your push-ups is to make sure your hands are spread wide at shoulder width and make sure to concentrate on the back i.e. the downward movement. Hold yourself down at the bottom for about 3-5 seconds and do this repeatedly. You will be surprised at the difference this singular exercise will do for you.

3. Reverse Fly

reverse fly

This exercise just requires two dumbbells to make it effective. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can alternate with two bottles of full water. This exercise is considered one of the best back fat burners and it can be easily done at home.

To do this exercise, you need to spread your arms at to the full length and squeeze the shoulder blades together a few times, then you lower your hands back down and repeat. This is one exercise that is not just great for the back but also a wonderful exercise to manage your core strength. Remember to keep your head in line with the spine to make the exercise as efficient as it can be.

4. Rowing


If you can’t do this outdoor, there are many gyms that provide you with rowing machines. Just adjust the setting and start with gentle strokes and gradually progress to a more intense strokes from the first day to the next.

5. Plank with An Arm Raise

plank with arm reverse

The plank is one of the dreaded exercises you can do in the gym. But the plank with an arm raise is just not the normal regular plank exercise. This particular exercise makes sure that the muscles at your back get touched as well. By raising one arm during the plank, you are helping the body to control your weight and develop the upper strength. The plank exercise is one good method to get rid of back fat and develop your back muscle

6. Jogging


Although jogging is not a targeted back exercise, however it still touches the back muscles in some way. Jogging help burn fat deposit from all over the body. To get the best out of your jogging, run fast for 3-5 minutes, then walk for 1-2 minutes and resume running again. If you do this for 30 minutes 5 times every week you surely will see some gains all over your body including your back.

7. Body twists

body twist

As simple as this exercise is, it is very effective to burn your lower back and upper back fat. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched straight and stretch both arms to one end of your body and twist toward that side. Twist again toward the other side and you can repeat this move now and then for about 15 minutes.

8. Dumbbell row

dumbbell rows

With both hands holding the dumbbells, stand and bend a bit forward with your hip push a bit back. Bend your knees a little and roll back your shoulders while at the same time pushing your chest out. Next, flex your elbows and bend your arm slightly while pulling your arms back a bit until your elbows are behind your shoulders. Repeat this move as many times as you can.

9. Lat pull-Down

lat pull down

The lat pull down machine at the gym will help you do this exercise correctly. Hold unto the overhead bar attached to the pulley and pull it down. Make sure you are sitting with your face toward the machine. Lean back so you can easily pull the rod down using your elbow strength to your chest. Release the rod until your hand is straight enough to pull down again. Repeat this move as many times as you feel comfortable.

10. Bent Over Barbell Row

bent over barbell row

Grab the barbell with your hand fully extended down. Roll back your shoulders with your chest out and engaging your core making sure your head is in line with your spine. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. While doing this make sure your hips are also a bit pushed out. Keep your torso at 45 degrees with the floor.

Then pull the barbell up until it almost touches your abs and then slowly lower the barbell back to the starting position.

In Conclusion

If you want to lose back fat and deal with it completely, you need to have a positive mindset to accomplishing this task. If you are positive and determined, getting to your desired weight lose goal will be much easier.

Remember, there is no exercise to lose weight in one specific area however, you can get rid of back fat while also improving your entire body composition. Your best bet to accomplishing this is to start working out regularly. It can be as little as doing a 5-10 minutes workout session. Exercising and diet are keys to getting the right type of body you desire. Stop the bra fat and burn back fat with these simple solutions.

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