Stairmaster workout – The Ideal Exercise to Burn Fat Quickly?

stairmaster workout

If you have ever chosen to do the StairMaster workout, you will discover that using this type of exercise in order to burn fat can be more difficult compared to using treadmills and other gym machines. For instance, when you take the stairs instead of using the elevator, you will know how intense it is walking the stairs can be. The stairmaster workout is no difference, its one exercise that most gym athletes will try avoiding by any chance.

stairmaster exercise

The stairmaster is similar to a treadmill except that while workout equipment like the treadmills, elliptical, and striders allow you put a foot in front of the other, except if the treadmill is program to be in incline mode, you aren’t raising that foot and planting it above the other. But this is exactly how it is with stairmaster workout – The process is quite simple. Start the machine, set the pace, and lift one foot after another as the steps move beneath you. You plant your foot over another by raising them one after the other.

Although the process seems simple but working out three minutes on a stairmaster actually feels like climbing up a steep hill. Your hamstring, quads and glutes work on pulling your bodyweight up giving your calf’s the chance to lift and balance as you move forward.

If you are planning adding new routine to your body workout, do not let the stairmaster intimidate you. Like everything else, it will strengthen you and help you to build your tolerance. You don’t need to plunge in and hope to see result same day, you are better off starting small – 10 – 15 minutes of work and you are good to go; and you can do 5 minute increments until you get to achieving a 30 – 45 minute workout.

The stairmaster training comes with some footwork variation that makes the exercise worthwhile. if you are just starting out you might need to skip some variation and concentrate more on the basics until you are quite comfortable using the machine.

As intense and difficult as this workout is, the result you gain from doing it is worth all the pain. here are some reasons why you need to add stairmaster exercise to your workout program to achieve a ripped and well defined body.

Fat Burner – Its no news that using the stairmaster is no child’s play. Setting this machine on a high intensity interval training can spike up a perfect environment to burn fat. Compared to other workouts like using the treadmills, the stairmaster workout has proven to be more effective at burning extra fats in the body. The reason is that, when you engage in high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, you alter the structural and chemical changes to your DNA that improve and increases your number of fat burning proteins. Also it is know that high intensity workouts also boost your growth hormones leading to increase muscle growth and development.

Ideal For Lower Body Workout – The stairmaster exercise is what you need if you are looking to build your lower body. As the glutes, quads and hamstrings including the calf engages the stairs to push your bodyweight up and forward, by doing this, you will realize how versatile your workout becomes especially when you add some varieties to your program like ‘skipping steps’ or changing the angle of walking up the stairs.

Faster Result in less time – another reason why HIIT workout is ideal on the stairmaster is that you won’t need to do it for a longer time. When you do a high intense training on the stairmaster, you will get the full impact of the training within 30 minutes. The good thing about this workout on stairmaster is that you tend to burn more fat and get better result than you would have if had spent hours jogging on the treadmill.

A recent study reveals that if you spend three to five minutes doing HIIT workout repeated 5 to 6 times, on the stairmaster you will likely get the same muscle growth as any steady workout lasting 90 – 120 minutes.

Some Stairmaster Workout Variations To Get Better Result.

Stairmaster training

If you are still wondering if the stairmaster workout is what you need to speed up your result to achieving the best bodybuilding and muscle growth objective, these stairmaster exercise variation will help you achieve it.

One thing to keep in mind when doing the stairmaster training is trying to avoid using the handrail as a full support; this can hinder the full result and take away the intensity of the workout.

2 Ways To Up Your Intensity Training With Stairmaster Workout.

Here are 2 ways you can increase your intensity training with stairmaster exercises for maximum impact.

1. Sprinting – Increasing the intensity of the stair is enough to feel like sprinting the way you do on ground. If you are just starting out with stairmaster (as a form of intensity workout) you should tailor the stairmaster according to your fitness level. For instance, to get a better understanding of a right intensity workout with the stairmaster, carrying on with a conversation should be an almost impossible task and the heart rate should be high.

2. Skipping Step(s) – Another way to up your intensity with the stairmaster is skipping a step without actually sprinting. This variation is ideal to build your glute and your hamstring. Just skip a step with every step you take. you can also go a bit further to skip double steps at a time. instead of skipping one step, you skip two at a time.

A good rule of thumb when doing the stairmaster workout is to make sure the heels are touching the stair treads and not your toes. And make sure you reduce the speed if you want to comfortably do the Stairmaster’s sideway climb.

Here are some other Tips to Performing a stairmaster successfully

  • Make sure you talk to an experience person in the gym on how to use stairmaster if it’s your first time.
  • Train according to your fitness level and not overdo it. you might be surprise what climbing a few stairs will do to your heart rate, imaging climbing a 100+ stairs on the stairmaster.

Again, it’s important not to shy away from intensity during HIIT workouts (or any workout for that matter), because in the end it’s intensity that brings results.

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